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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2003


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2003

Officers Attending

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Vice-Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Claire Silver
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter - Velva Rowell
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg

Community Liaison - David Andrzejek

Officers Not Present

Newsletter Editor - Lisa Windes
At-Large - Julie Wrobel

Visiting Members

Adam Carmen
Yan Banducci

1. Introductions and announcements

  • Velva will be returning as newsletter editor.
  • Velva announced that Lisa will not be returning to her position as co-editor. Velva will need help in the form of another co-editor mainly for handling advertising.
  • Aaron volunteered to provide back up if another person is not available.

2. Approval of minutes

  • Several changes were suggested to the May minutes.
  • Minutes were approved with changes.

3. July General Meeting

  • General meeting agenda:
    11:30 Meet at Mercy Bush and start walking tour.
    1:00 Lunch and a concurrent business meeting.
  • Business meeting agenda will include introduction of changes to by-laws, and introduction of the “old homes” site.
  • David will research sandwiches and report via email this week. Limit of $130 set for food budget. An estimate of 50-60 will be served.
  • Velva will try to locate the box of paper goods from the last general meeting.
  • Set-up will need to occur at 12:00. Aaron, Velva, David and Claire volunteered to help with set-up.
  • Ronit will put up her sign announcing the meeting.

4. Aaron presented Treasurers Report.

  • Total balance is 7862.31, (214.87 for CERT). Approximately $3000 is committed funds.
  • Chamber of Commerce dues are now due. Dues are $125 and an additional donation for non-profits the COC recommends for a total of $265 was proposed.
  • Motion was moved and approved.
  • Aaron gave an overview of CERT to visitors.

5. Downtown Committee

  • David reported the last meeting was cancelled and a joint planning commission meeting will be held instead this Wed. The downtown precise plan will be reviewed and feedback gathered.
  • Open space and building heights in the downtown area were discussed.

6. Limelight Status

Neighborhood representation was sparse at the May 27 Council meeting. Despite few neighborhood speakers, the outcome was positive in terms of OMV concerns. The city imposed restrictions, which if they are upheld, should deal with many of the neighborhood issues.

7. 501c Status

Forms are complete and need review. The proposed changes to the by-laws need to be completed before Ronit can continue with the Articles of Incorporation. Ronit again reviewed the IRS tax form hours and priorities, which were discussed during the May OMVSC meeting. Ronit distributed hard copy of forms for review and requested feedback from all Steering Committee members. Ronit and Aaron will review forms and request one additional SC member to assist in this process. Larry volunteered.

8. Nominating Committee Set-Up

  • Bruce Karney has volunteered to be the chair of the committee and Ronit and Velva will be committee members.
  • The Steering Committee needs a Vice-Chair and an additional At-Large member.
  • Discussion of roles and commitment necessary for vacant positions. The vice-chair would need to be willing to step-up to the chair after a year.

9. Newsletter

  • Next issue is scheduled for July 10.
  • Deadline for submissions is July 3.
  • Velva would like articles on new businesses.
    Members volunteered the following articles:
    • Claire will write on the new collective.
    • Aaron will write about Cert.
    • Ronit on Parks and Recreation Committee and new OMVNA slate positions.
    • David to provide updates on planning committee.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Claire Silver, Secretary

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