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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2003


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2003

Officers Attending

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Secretary - Claire Silver
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
At-Large - Julie Wrobel
Community Liaison - David Andrzejek
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg
Newsletter - Velva Rowell

Officers Not Present

Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Newsletter Editor - Lisa Windes

Visiting Members

Superintendent Jim Negri
Gloria Higgins, Measure E
Newsletter Delivery - Julie Lovins
Linda (Mercy St Resident)
Suzette (Church St Resident)

1. Discussion of Measure E with Superintendent Jim Negri and Gloria Higgins.

  • School District budget cuts are projected to be much worse than expected in Jan.
  • Measure E does not cover Special Education. It is covered by fed and state funds.
  • Discussion of survey process and business opposition to tax as written per square foot.
  • Discussion of percentage of apartment dwellers and possible landlord opposition.
  • Gloria reported the campaign is doing well.

2. Questions from OMV residents (Linda and Suzette) regarding the Interim Historic preservation ordinance.

  • Questions were referred to Alison Hicks and MV Preservation Alliance.

3. Review of several months of previous minutes with several small changes. Minutes approved as amended.

4. Aaron presented Treasurers Report.

  • Several additional backpacks were purchased with Helen Patterson’s donation.
  • Balance currently 7862.31 (215.87 of this CERT).

5. Limelight Issues.

  • Ronit spoke to Whitney McNair, the Mtn View Zoning Administrator, on 5/12. Whitney has asked OMV to define the type of neighborhood we want.
  • Original owners Andrew and Kareem Nahas have substituted their names on current new application.
  • Opinion voiced that the heart of issue is parking lot. City can put conditions for what happens inside building but not on the outside. OMV to ask police dept to enforce current conditions to full extent. Whitney to suggest meetings between neighborhood, owners and police.
  • Issue is going before the City Council at the May 27th meeting. Ronit will talk at the council meeting and represent OMVNA. It was suggested Larry also attend.

6. Schedule for Nominating Committee

  • Nominating committee necessary by June (min of three OMVNA members to be on committee).
  • June. Ronit needs emails from all current OMVSC members regarding their future plans.
  • Aug 11th OMVSC meeting. Slate must be ready.
  • Aug 28th Newsletter. Announcement regarding committee nominations published.
  • Sept 18th Newsletter. Announcement regarding committee nominations published.
  • Oct 19th OMVNA general meeting. Elections are held.

7. July General Meeting

  • Jane Powell to lead OMVNA on tour of Heritage Homes Saturday, July 19th. Walk from 11 till 12. Walk will terminate at Mercy Bush for lunch and a short business meeting at 1:00 (changes to bylaws will be discussed).
  • Alison would like to present her Heritage House Web page. Discussion of logistics for indoor space and projector for web slide show. Ronit to ask Alison about the desirability of using a projector. If Alison believes it is worthwhile, Ronit will speak to Twana Karney about a projector. Alison and Ronit will discuss indoor spaces.
  • David to research the two new local sandwich shops and see if we can have sandwiches catered for lunch.
  • Newsletter deadline for meeting time is Monday June 9th. (See item 10 for article deadline.)

8. Changes to By-laws

  • Discussion of bylaws changes to include the following:
    1. Terms of office from Jan 1st to Dec 31st
    2. Members will serve without compensation
    3. Financial year to go from Jan 1 to Dec 31
  • Motions were approved.
  • Ronit to discuss term changes with Bruce and use discretion if there is conflict.
  • Info regarding by-law changes must be in the June newsletter and presented at the July General meeting.

9. 501c status

  • Forms are completed.
  • Review of OMVSC activities for IRS form 1024 submission. Discussion and ordering of priorities:
    1. Advocacy
    2. Communication (Newsletter, Website and email)
    3. CERT
    4. Meetings

10. Next newsletter deadline June 5th

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Claire Silver, Secretary

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