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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2003


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2003

Officers Attending:

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Claire Silver
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter Editor - Lisa Windes

Officers Not Attending:

Community Liaison - David Andrzejek
At-Large - Julie Wrobel
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg
Newsletter Editor - Velva Rowell

Visiting Members:

Karen Cabello of Central Business Association (CBA)

1. No previous minutes available for review.

2. Appointment of Claire Silver as Secretary

3. Downtown retail recruiting
Karen Cabello discussed downtown retail recruiting. She explained differences between CBA and Chamber of Commerce and shared copies of Downtown Guide 2003. City has hired consultant to promote and recruit downtown. Discussion of types of businesses desired by OMV residents. Discussion of newsletter as vehicle for promoting new and existing business with updates, ads and announcements.

4. Treasurer's report
Aaron presented the treasurers report. Current balance is 8278.42 (310.39 CERT).

Discussion and updates led by Aaron.

6. Heritage House Web Page
Discussion led by Alison. Tour of OMV heritage houses is planning for next general meeting. (Tentative date weekend of July 19th/20th).

7. Newsletter
Dates under discussion. Parks and Rec to visit neighborhood meetings.

8. Downtown Committee Update
There are unanimous concerns with new Limelight ownership. OMVNA must be a presence at the Council meeting May 27th.

9. Neighborhood Grant program
Discussion of whether CERT or OMVNA should apply for grant. It was decided to pass this year.

10. Non-profit status
Ronit is in process of completing forms.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Claire Silver, Secretary

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