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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2003


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2003

Officers Attending:

Chair - Ronit Bryant
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Tom Macagno
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter Editor - Lisa Windes / Velva Rowell

Officers Not Attending:

Community Liaison - David Andrzejek
At-Large - Julie Wrobel
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg

Visiting Members:

Julie Lovins
Eric Minden

1. Review past SC minutes
Accepted with one correction.

2. Treasurer’s Report
Current Balance $7,775.10

New Map indicating block Captains was handed out.
Aaron asked if we can publish map in the newsletter.

4. Eric Minden follow-up
Ronit received letter from the City Planner saying everything is OK according to them – Hall is taking necessary steps.
The hall has promised to take action with a monitoring device, but this is not a required step.
We will wait and see if it has any effect.
City is taking a similar track as they did with the LimeLight.
Eric asked OMVNA to send letter to City to ask them to look for results.

5. Goals for coming year
Steering committee was discussing what it should focus on.
Discussed developments in Downtown.
Look at if there is a way to influence retail development.
David reported that there is a consultant that has looked at other cities and she will try to build a program of recruitment for MV.
Ronit suggested we contact the consultant and see if there is a way we can work with her.
Ronit will attend stakeholders meeting.

6. Peninsula Foundation Grant
Ronit said if we do it, it needs to be done by March 20.
Alison had an idea (Welcome Wagon style program) but did not know if she had time to write a grant.

7. Heritage House web page
Alison will mail address.
It has a collection of resources for people who want to restore their homes.
We owe them a filmed OMVNA general meeting.

8. General Meeting
In the future we can place a sign at Mercy Bush.
Ronit ask City if we could post information at the Mercy-Bush park.
6 pizzas worked well.
Ronit spoke with someone who asked about OMVNA doing a bike ralley – maybe it could be a general meeting focused on safety with Landels PTA.
Another possibility could be to focus a general meeting on restoration.

9. Roundtable Items
Conditional Use Permits will be reviewed when businesses change hands. They want to encourage upgrades.
City budget is held up by Sacramento.

10. Newsletter
Articles about favorite places.
How much advertising do we want in the newsletter .

11. How Important is the OMVNA Website
Ronit will make sure it gets updated in a timely fashion.

12. Non-profit
Ronit is working on it.

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 9:26 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Tom Macagno, Secretary

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