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Monthly Meeting Minutes for 2002


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2002

Officers Attending:

Chair - Bruce Karney
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter Editor - George Harris
Community Liaison - Valerie Harris (acting Secretary for this meeting)
At-Large - Julie Wrobel
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg

Community Member:

Tom Macagno of 272 Bryant Street

Community member concerns re: Limelight
Problem: Tom Macagno of 272 Bryant Street discussed the problems of noise, erratic driving, litter, public urination from the Limelight.

Action: Bruce wrote a letter to Chief Vermeer - passed unanimously.

1. Treasury Report
February 2002 OMVNA Expenses were $21.95 (to Bruce) for copying and materials
for the January General meeting.

July 1, 2002 $7268.87 total balance
$1708.51 CERT

2. Chamber Membership
Pay all fees membership, registration and donation @$35 each for a total of $105.00. Aprroved - passed unanimously.

3. General Meeting
Possible dates: Oct 27th, Oct 20th, Oct 26th, Oct 19th (in order of preference)
Action: Valerie to look into booking the Adobe Building
OMVNA will provide food and drinks.

4. March 11 Minutes
(motion by Bruce, second Valerie) approved unanimously

5. May 13 Minutes
(motion by Bruce, second Valerie) approved unanimously

6. Nominees for OMVNA Steering Committee
Anita Grossman is head of nominating committee, and will hold a meeting at her house.
Nominating committee: Julie, Bruce, Valerie, and Anita.
Nominees will appear in the August newsletter.

7. Downtown Report
Valerie reported that the biggest concern for downtown business owners currently is the new emergency interim ordinance to fix violations. Apparently the Asian community feels alienated from City Hall. However, the Chamber of Commerce and The Central Business Association has become very proactive in reaching out and education all business owners about the nature and intent of the ordinance.

8. Meeting of Neighborhood Association
Hosted by Mike Kasperzak
Saturday, July 20th at 650 Castro Street
RSVP - three may attend

9. Alison Hicks will miss the next two meetings.

10. Meeting adjourned.


Motion: Aaron - made motion to actively search for new member, also authorize Bruce to pursue getting teen member from Girl Power. Motion passed.

4. Non-profit status
OMVNA is a member of United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County.
Bruce has been attending these meetings, Jean McCloskey used to go previously.
Bruce got information about 501C7 status and 501C3 status.
If we do the non-profit filing, then everyone can see the books and we keep of tally of who in the organization does what.

We discussed organizing OMVNA into either an organization of defined membership who pay dues or continuing our current no-dues structure.

What do we do next?
1. Further discussion will occur at the April meeting
2. Determine the benefits of a 501C3 vs a 501C7 status Action: Bruce to send steering committee members non-profit literature
3. Determine who gets to see the books and when (perhaps at the annual meeting?)

Action Item Summary:

1. Aaron - to meet with principal of Landels for Picnic
2. Valerie - to give Aaron advertising checks
3. Valerie - to amend Jan 26th meeting minutes changes and emails to the group.

Meeting Adjourned.


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2002

Officers Attending:
Chair - Bruce Karney
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Tom Macagno
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Community Liaison - Valerie Harris
Newsletter Editor - George Harris
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg

Officers Not Attending:
At-Large - Julie Wrobel

Visiting Members:

Julie Lovins
Michael Martello

1) Introductions and announcements
a. Aaron to make a new sign for CERT. List of contacts to be ordered Donnie, Aaron, Bruce.
b. Bruce to run for City Council

2) Review past SC minutes
The minutes July 15 Steering Committee meeting were approved with only minor corrections.

3) Report back from EPC meeting
No one from the steering committee could attend - no report.

4) Treasurer's Report
a. Current Balance $6,728.84, of that $1,708.51 is CERT's.
b. Income: $10 - From race ad
c. Expenses
o $230 paid Chamber of Commerce fee
o $20 licences renewal CERT Trailer
d. Accounts Receivable
o Yes on N owes $280 Valerie is following-up. Michael Martello volunteered to help follow-up.

5) Report on the Nominating Committee's results
a. The committee has identified the following candidates:
Chair - ???
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - ???
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Community Liaison - George Harris
Newsletter Editor - Valerie Harris
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg
At-Large - Julie Wrobel
b. A list of potential candidates for Chair was generated. Bruce motioned to forward list to nominating committee for follow-up. Motion passed unanimously.
6) Update on Club Limelight
a. Michael Martello from the City Attorney's office gave an update on the current status of issues (noise, reckless driving, drinking in the parking lot, litter of alcohol bottles, and public urination) surrounding the operation of the Lime Light.
b. Michael: The space was originally approved (1995) to be a Country & Western Sushi establishment.
c. Michael: The Lime Light was initially supposed to be like the Palace in Sunnyvale. What worked out in practice is very different.
d. Michael: The City recently held a meeting which included multiple departments (Planning, Police, City Attorney). The Police felt had done all they could do under the law. From a planning perspective, we looked at what was compatible with the area.
e. Michael: After seeing the video (of the Lime Light parking lot) from Tom Michael saw we had more work to do.
f. Michael: Michael, Wendy, and Ron met with the Lime Light. Initially they wanted to blame problems on other clubs/establishments. They also want to reply point to point to the letter which OMVNA had sent. Michael suggested the use meet with OMVNA and use them and ourselves as a resources.
g. Michael: The Lime Light has 3 to 4 weeks to address and solve problems before a ZA (in Sept 02) meeting is scheduled. Michael agreed that OMVNA would be proactively informed about the date of the meeting.

7) Report from Downtown Committee rep
a. Valerie reported
b. Julie Lovins expressed concern over the dismissal and refusal by the Downtown Committee to address the Lime Light issue. Since this has a direct bearing on zoning and use.
c. Valerie -- 2 new buildings opening in December 1. 400 Castro -- Law Office, and 2) 401 Castro - Noodle Building. These buildings are actively trying to attract retail occupants.
d. Valerie - City needs to attract good anchors. They are looking to attract a Pharmacy and a Grocery Store.
e. Valerie - The City is looking at making the entire first floor of new parking structure (Bryant & California) retail space. This would be suited for a Grocery Store.

8) Crafting 501(c) motion to be presented to membership in Oct.
a. The intent is to formalize the structure of OMVNA.
b. 501(c)3 is not an attractive structure.
c. 501(c)4 will be suggested to the general membership so that it can be voted upon. A question was raised if the structure will impact how membership is handled. From information available it did not appear to have an impact.
d. Bruce motioned to seek authorization from members to become a 501(c)4 organization. Motion passed unanimously.
e. Valerie will place notice in upcoming newsletter.

9) Planning the October meeting

a. Need to find a location for Oct. General meeting.
b. The list of locations was narrowed to Churches and Police / Fire auditorium. A ceiling of $150 was placed on the rental fee.
c. Valerie will arrange

10) Roundtable Items
a. Aaron explained about the Trailblazer Race and expressed a need for volunteers.
b. Valerie asked is placing a for rent ad in the newsletter was OK.
c. Julie Lovins announced that on the coming Wednesday there was to be a hearing on allowing Pay Pal to use the first floor as office space. This area was conditionally approved to be retail space. Bruce suggest to place an announcement in OMVNA Talk.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Tom Macagno, Secretary


OMVNA Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 09, 2002

Officers Attending:
Chair - Ronit Bryant
Vice Chair - Alison Hicks
Secretary - Tom Macagno
Treasurer - Aaron Grossman
Newsletter Editor - Lisa Windes / Velva Rowell
Community Liaison - David Andrzejek
At-Large - Larry Rosenberg

Officers Not Attending:
At-Large - Julie Wrobel

Visiting Members:


1) Introductions and Announcements
The minutes for October were not completed.
Tom would try to finish for the next meeting


2) Review past SC minutes
October meeting notes approved with corrections.
November meeting notes approved with corrections.


3) CERT Update

12 people will be block captains. This includes: Julie, Aaron, Ronit, and Helen Landsman.

Ideally Cert will have 20 people.
Alison suggested all steering committee members contact 4 people. This would help recruit Cert members and reach out to the community.

Aaron officially notified the committee that they have met the objective of recruiting 10 people. Therefore they will buy the equipment for the members as agreed in a motion passed in the November meeting.


4) Treasurer's Report

Current Balance $6,934.27.


Ads for Realtors need to be renewed.

Ronit request that the committee receive a copy of the budget forecast in the next meeting


5) Plans for Upcoming General Meeting.

Alison suggested a speaker on heritage trees.

Alison suggested a Cert related speaker. Ronit agreed. Aaron did not think it was necessary due to upcoming cert meeting.

Ronit will see if there is any one from the City who can speak on City services.

Velva would find out if Trinity Methodist Church was available for meeting.

Pizza will be provided and Salads and sweets will be a pot luck.


6) Downtown Committee Update

Valerie will attend next meeting.

David will be elected to committee next meeting


7) Goals for coming year.

Alison gave a copy of her ideas which focused on neighborhood preservation and downtown development.

It was suggested that committee members do articles on their favorite downtown stores.

It was suggested to:
o Make aware of what is in Downtown
o Make aware what is missing in Downtown
o Make suggestions on what can be done.

Homework was to bring suggestions.


8) Newsletter Schedule for 2003:

Jan. / Feb. 1/16; Mar. 3/13; Apr. / May 5/1; Jun. 6/12; Jul. / Aug. 7/10; Sept. 8/28; Oct. 10/9; Nov. / Dec 11/20.

9) Roundtable Items

Ronit shared information about organization that have contact with her.

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 9:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Tom Macagno, Secretary

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