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OMVNA Newsletter

June, 1999
Volume 11, Number 4

Special Message from the Editor

O-M-V-N-A Spells "BINGO" for General Meeting Attendees

The Downtown Beat

This Hum is Not Music to the Ears

Neighborhood Update

AIDS Ride Proves Emotionally Powerful & Physically Demanding

Safety Preparedness in the Home

The Old Mountain View Neighborhood is bordered by El Camino Real, Shoreline Boulevard, Evelyn Avenue, and Highway 85. The Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association consists of residents interested in preserving the quality of life in our neighborhood. Together we can make a difference -- join us!

Special Message from the Editor
by Anita Grossman

Speaking from personal experience, Leadership Mountain View is a unique and special program designed to give potential civic leaders direct experience and insight into the inner workings of our community. I LOVED IT! Applications are still being accepted for the Class of 2000 through late June, 1999. Don’t miss this opportunity! Call Twana Karney at 968-9378 or check out the website at

O-M-V-N-A Spells "B-I-N-G-O" for General Meeting Attendees
by Garth Williams

Great fun was had by those attending our Spring General Meeting at Landels School on Saturday, May 15. There were plenty of refreshments and BINGO prizes for all who participated. Thanks to the gracious support of the downtown merchants listed below, we had prizes for everyone who won at BINGO (oops, I mean O-M-V-N-A). When you are downtown, don't forget to patronize these fine establishments!

Special thanks to Julie Lovins, who secured many of the prizes and donned a special Prize Lady outfit for the meeting, as well as O-M-V-N-A callers Aaron Grossman and Chris Whitaker.

The business meeting began with the gathering of input regarding the most important issues facing our neighborhood. The top three concerns in order of priority were:

1. Making Mercy-Bush Park a reality very soon

2. Traffic -- speed and volume of traffic on OMVNA streets

3. Neighborhood Preservation -- preserving the unique charm and character of our neighborhood.

Based on this input, the Steering Committee will direct its efforts toward these areas throughout the remainder of the year. If you were not able to make the General Meeting, but wish to express your preferences as to how OMVNA should allocate time and resources, please contact any Steering Committee member, or better yet, come to one of our monthly meetings (second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Reading Room, Trinity Methodist Church, on the corner of Hope and Mercy Streets).

Special thanks to our prize sponsors . . .

  • Bookbuyers
  • Gelato Classico
  • Kapp's Pizza
  • Kim Korringa
  • Posh Bagel
  • Quilting Bee
  • TCBY
  • ThaiRific
  • Tien Fu
  • Mountain View Lock and Key

The Downtown Beat

by Julie Lovins

On Wednesday, June 23, the new weekday Farmer's Market comes to our neighborhood for the summer, from 3 to 6:30 in the afternoon. See you on West Evelyn, between Franklin and Bryant!

One of the main activities of the Downtown Committee this month was a joint workshop with the Environmental Planning Commission. The workshop focused on possible revisions to the Downtown Precise Plan, specifically those "transitional areas" often comprising both housing and businesses that run parallel to Castro Street for several blocks on either side. There will also be a special focus on the area close to the new Transit Center.

Among the list of topics discussed were neighborhood compatibility of development types, parking, market feasibility, and revitalization objectives.

There will be a Neighborhood Workshop on these matters later in the summer, probably in late July. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get better acquainted with the possible changes coming to the landscape, and to provide direct input to the groups working on revising the Downtown Precise Plan. Please contact me with your thoughts, ideas and any comments you may have (, 964-0368).

This Hum Is Not Music to the Ears
by Alice Martineau

Has anyone else noticed a new, continuous, deep, rumbling-humming noise in the last eight months? Its beginning seemed to coincide with the completion of the freeway wall construction on Highway 85. Whenever it’s quiet, I can hear this new sound anywhere in our house, day or night. Earplugs do not block it out.

At first I thought the sound was caused by a generator or machines being used to build the light rail or Highway 85. But whenever I noticed it being particularly loud and went out to investigate, I could not locate a source.

If you have also noticed this sound, or have any information about its source, please call me at 967-938l. Thank you!

Neighborhood Update
by Tim Johnson

Old Mountain View residents were invited to express concerns and suggestions for neighborhood improvements at two recent meetings. These included the OMVNA General Meeting on May 15 (see related story on Page 1) and the annual Council Neighborhood Committee outreach meeting on June 17.

The following were some of the key topics discussed at these meetings:

  • Mercy Bush Park -- With great excitement it was announced that the City Council approved the planning and development of a centrally located neighborhood park at the intersection of Mercy and Bush Streets. Park design will begin sometime after July 1.
  • Traffic -- Traffic remains a prime concern. However, the City of Mountain View's relatively new Traffic Management Program seems to be having a favorable impact on improving problem situations on several residential streets. West Dana and View Streets are notable examples.
  • Large houses which appear to be out of proportion with neighboring houses -- Elaine Costello, Community Development Director, reported that the City has placed a moratorium on any further bonuses on floor area ratios pending a study of existing standards.
  • Cable Modem Service -- TCI should be making this service available later this year.
  • Home Depot -- Several residents expressed concern over Home Depot's desire tobuild a large outlet. The Environmental Planning Commission is currently considering the precise plan for the property at El Camino and Hwy 85.
  • Other news -- With considerable reluctance, the OMVNA Steering Committee accepted the resignation of Maarten Korringa as Chair. Maarten has been an extremely committed and effective OMVNA Steering Committee member. His active participation will be sorely missed. Garth Williams will serve out the balance of Maarten's term as Chair.

AIDS Ride Proves Emotionally Powerful & Physically Demanding
by Aaron Grossman

Tonight I hung my bicycle back in our garage for the first time in over a week, having just returned from completing the 6th annual California AIDS Ride. I rode my trusty blue "steed" the entire 550 miles, from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days, via Santa Cruz, King City, Paso Robles, and Ventura. It was a long, hard ride, but also a fun and rewarding one. Many of the almost 3,000 riders in this year’s event had lost friends and relatives to the AIDS virus, and our joint quest was to raise money and awareness to help fight the disease and assist those suffering from it.

The attitude was positive -- that we could individually and together make a difference. One man pulled an empty child’s trailer with a picture of his 5-year-old nephew, who is HIV positive. A woman I talked with rode to honor her twin brother, who had died of AIDS two years ago.

Some riders were fast, expert cyclists, while others were obviously out of shape and struggling up every hill. Most of us were somewhere in-between, and able to reach each of the five daily rest stops on schedule. These stops provided food, drinks, medical attention, and even bike repairs. The support crew would pick up anyone who fell too far behind and take him/her to that day’s campground where hot showers and dinner awaited. By 9:30 p.m., we were usually asleep in our tents, dreaming of waking at 5:30 a.m. to pack, eat, and hit the road at 6:30 or 7:00.

My four months of practice paid off, and I actually felt pretty good until the last day. Even though it was a relatively easy final 66 miles along the coast into Los Angeles, my legs let me know that it was time to wrap things up, and I had to use my lowest "Granny" gear even on gentle hills. It was great to pull into Century City and hear the dignitaries, including the Mayor of Los Angeles, welcome us. The ride raised over $11 million!

Many Old Mountain View neighbors and friends sponsored me for the ride, and I owe all of them a big thank you! They allowed me to be a part of something very big and very special, and I appreciate it. Anone who wants to know more about this ride or other bike-a-thons is welcome to call or email me.

Safety Preparedness in the Home
by Tim Johnson

This is the second in a series on safety and emergency preparedness.

June 13 to 19 is Home Safety Week, which makes it a good time to remember that each year thousands die and tens of thousands are injured in preventable home accidents, such as fires. There are a number of precautions you can take to protect yourself, your family and your property:

  • Install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your kitchen, bedrooms, furnace room and laundry room. Test your smoke detector batteries monthly, and replace them at least once a year!
  • Place easily accessible keys near all doors with deadbolt locks.
  • Place extension cords safely away from areas where they might be stepped or tripped over.
  • Make sure that your electrical outlets are up to code, not overloaded and fitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters. Install fire-escape ladders near upper-story windows.
  • Make sure that your windows open easily!
  • Store all gasoline and chemicals far away from heat sources and in regulation containers that are clearly labeled.
  • Ensure that stairways are clear of clutter.
  • Practice your home escape plan every six months.

For more information on general home safety, including a home safety quiz, see the National Safety Council's website,

For fireworks safety information, go to the Consumer Public Safety Commission's website at

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