Notes from the Chair: Year-End Review of Events

by David Lewis, Chair, OMVNA

January was the month for a new event, the brainchild of Deb Keller and Carter Coleman–OMNVA New Year’s Eve parties.  They organized it and got the use of many houses, even one with baby-sitting for our residents with kids.  Those who signed up for the event went from house to house celebrating the New Year with old neighbors and friends and meeting new ones while their children had a New Year’s party as well.

April 5 brought a mixer at Scratch.  Max Houser, Manny Ramirez, and Glenda Crespo organized the event.  Over 30 OMVNA residents came to see this new, hot, Mountain View restaurant so convenient to OMVNA.

Later  in June, there was another mixer at the Artisan Wine Depot.  OMVNA members enjoyed wine tastings and a scrumptiliumptuous paella.  Carter Coleman and Carol Lewis organized the event.

Deb Keller and Carter Coleman planned another, new June event.  It was our first OMNVAFest block party open to all OMVNA residents, with entertainment with a band, Rocky & Friends, and MN’s Elvis impersonator, Charlie Dupré.  Tied House provided the beer and everyone else provided the potluck food.

In August we had the Ice Cream Social at Mercy Bush Park, organized by Laura Lewis.  Families enjoyed Charlie Dupré, Elvis Impersonator, games, entertainment, and raffles for prizes provided by Gelato Italian Ice Cream and Vaso Azzurro.  Baskin Robbins also provided the ice cream and sprinkles bar at minimal cost.

Finally, we celebrated the ground breaking for latest Classics residential development which will have single family homes and townhomes.  The event was organized by Robert Cox and was well attended with most of the City Council there.  The developer had considered replacing Classics Community with three huge commercial buildings, but, thanks to the City Council, Robert Cox, and other OMNVA citizens, it remains a residential development, consistent with the nature of OMVNA.

On another note, Carol Lewis, who graciously took on the role of newsletter editor on an acting basis, has found another OMVNA resident, Sally Porush, willing to take on this job on a longer-term basis.  Deb Keller, who has managed the OMVNA website and related activities, has relinquished her role to Shannon Madison.  Deb and Carter Coleman have instead spent their leisure hours making OMVNA videos for the local community TV station, KMVT–please watch for their work on this website.

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