Who Ya Gonna Call?

Meet in person
You’ll find City Council and EPC  (Environmental Planning Commission) members are very accommodating and are willing to meet with residents outside of meetings. Email individuals directly to arrange.

Get your feedback in early!
If you contact the EPC or Council in writing just before a meeting, it’s hard for them to evaluate your input.

EPC: Email Commissioners and copy Martin Alkire, the City Staff Liaison, at Martin.Alkire@mountainview.gov
Council: Email Council members, or go to www.ci.mtnview.ca.us/city_council/email_council.asp to give input to Council.

Mountain View City Council
Ronit Bryant  |   ronit.bryant@mountainview.gov
Jac Siegel  |  jacsharonsiegel@comcast.net
Tom Means  |  tom.means@mountainview.gov
Margaret Abe-Koga  |   margaret.abekoga@mountainview.gov
John Inks  |  johninks@sbcglobal.net
Mike Kasperzak  |  mkasperzak@mediates.com
Laura Macias  |  la.macias@mountainview.gov

EPC Members
John McAlister  |   jrm7357@pacbell.net
Arnold Soderberg  |   aesgms@comcast.net
Kathy Trontell  |   mktrontell.mtvw.gov@gmail.com
Lisa Matichak   |  lisa.matichak@gmail.com
Eric Anderson   |   eanderson@csaengineering.com
Todd Fernandez   |  trf@mac.com
Rachael Grossman   |  grossmanrachel01@gmail.com

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