That Morning with all the Eggs…

By Joan Thunderbuilt

It was a damp and bright Sunday morning. Petrichor filled the air. 56 HIDERS woke to find an April Fool’s rain shower had marched through the neighborhood while they were asleep. Rain or Shine it said! So they commenced to hide 48+ eggs in each of their yards.

At 9am the five different colored maps were ready and emailed to the hundreds of registered HUNTERS. The final configuration had been a spectacular puzzle for the gamemaker. Equal parts math and maze.

It’s 10am – Go time. The rules were clear. Stick to your route, and pick up one egg at each location on your map. There were 10-12 locations for every hunter. Some HIDERS even had bonus surprises. 

“I loved watching the little children discover the eggs! “ – HIDER

 The day had a few hiccups. But the overall consensus was fun for all. If you missed out participating, plan on it next year. It is pure joy hidden in a plastic egg.

“My kids LOVED IT.” — HUNTER on Green Route

The statistics: 

207 HUNTERS + 56 HIDERS + 5 Routes + 126 Families + 2688 Eggs = thousands of giggles and smiles in the neighborhood.

A special thank you to the HIDERS for without them, this event would not be possible. And a huge shout out to the HIDERS who rallied their neighbors to create clusters. (we are talking about you Loreto, Eldora, Ehrhorn and Oak streets!).

If you liked this event and want to participate or help create more community connections, check out the upcoming events calendar and/or email us

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