ROEM Development

by Deb Keller

Currently in the planning process is the development by Santa Clara-based ROEM Corp. of 51 apartments at Evelyn and Franklin.

The site is currently a City-owned CalTrain overflow parking lot, and will be leased by ROEM, who will also design, maintain and manage the complex.

This has been a contentious development, not so much because of the density,  but rather because it’s affordable housing, which means that it’s aimed families making an annual income of $64,000 for a family of four.

Typically subsidized housing gives preference to either people who have lived in Mountain View for at least 6 months, or people working in Mountain View for at least 1 year.

According to the City website, there are 10 other complexes that are City-subsidized or that have received assistance from Federal subsidy programs. For this project, the City is kicking in $7 million.

The City in this case went through great pains to work with the neighborhood, including eight mediators working with the surrounding neighbors, and preliminary design before going into the DRC and EPC processes.

Meetings with opportunity for public comments will be held in February.  Final Council vote on the project is scheduled for May 2010.

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