Restaurant Scene: October 2022

Information current as of late September.

OPENED:  Ume Tea at 220 Castro, a bubble-tea chain site replacing the departed Phở Hoa.

CLOSED:  In September, Maru Ichi Japanese noodle house (368 Castro).  Earlier, Rumble Fish Sushi at 357 Castro.  [Added Oct. 5:]  Xanh (110 Castro) also closed recently; published report says the space will be taken by a new Italian-restaurant spinoff from Doppio Zero nearby, the new restaurant to be called “Vida.” 

UPGRADING (or so says its papered-up front window): Biryaniz, 246 Castro’s Biryani specialty place (sporting a recent “green” Health Department certificate).  Construction underway within.

FRESH raw thick noodles to cook at home are available at Udon Mugizo (180 Castro), with optional garnishes (dipping sauce, tempura).  Watch noodles being made in the restaurant’s front window.   The “Order Pickup” button at shows “Fresh” options, or contact the restaurant directly to order.

UNCHANGED (new restaurants still under construction):  Café 86, 738 Villa.  Limón Rotisserie, 800 California at Castro.  The Terrace (975 W. Dana).

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Resident with acknowledged food obsession, active in Bay Area food and wine organizations 30 years. Dining in downtown MV regularly for 20 years and occasionally for 10 years before that.
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