Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

These amendments are being presented for approval by the general membership at the 2024 Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting in the new year. The new proposed amendments were written to provide more voting voices for business presented at Steering Committee meetings. Additionally, the amendments are written to provide clarity as to who has a vote regarding specific steering committee business. Please see the amendments as presented.

  • Standing subcommittees will be established for a specific ongoing purpose by a majority of the steering committee.  They may also be disbanded by a majority vote of the steering committee.  These are distinct from ad hoc committees, which are established for a specific short-term purpose and disbanded when that purpose is accomplished or abandoned. When any subcommittee is established, a chair or co-chairs for the subcommittee will be approved by the steering committee. Vacancies in the chair or co-chair of any subcommittee may be filled by a vote of the steering committee.
  • At steering committee meetings, votes may be taken on items as a part of conducting business. The voting members at will be the steering committee members, standing subcommittee chairs and co-chair and co-chairs. Each voting member will have one vote, regardless of the number of steering committee, standing subcommittee chair or co-chair positions he or she holds. A quorum (which is at least half) of the voting members must be present to conduct a vote.
  • All members of all subcommittees, whether standing or ad hoc, including the chair and co-chair, will serve without compensation.
  • All decisions on allocation of funds at a steering committee meeting must be approved by a majority of the voting members.

The current by-laws can be read on

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