Old Mountain View and the General Plan Update

by Robert Cox, Vice-Chair, OMVNA

One of the most important topics that our city council has discussed over the last few years is GP2030, Mountain View’s update to its General Plan, covering the time up to the year 2030. At a city council meeting in December, Randy Tsuda, Mountain View’s Director of Community Development, displayed a series of maps showing how Mountain View will change over the next 20 years.
Randy was kind enough to follow up with an interview where we chatted about how these changes would affect Old Mountain View.

An Interview with Randy Tsuda

Robert: Looking at these maps, it looks like the only part of the OMV neighborhood that is directly affected by the general plan update is the “El Camino Real High Intensity Commercial/Residential Area”, which is planned at 43 to 70 units/acre. The zonings for the other areas are unchanged. When will we see a new zoning map?

Randy: Your interpretation is correct. I don’t anticipate studying any land use or density changes for Old Mountain View beyond this. First, the new General Plan will be adopted, then the zoning will be changed to be consistent with the General Plan, and then we’ll be able to draw up a new zoning map.

Robert: Will there be a new precise plan for the Evelyn Ave. Corridor? Will areas already developed by Classic Communities be moved to normal zoning at existing development levels? How will the Prometheus redevelopment of the Minton site and the Classic Communities redevelopment of the area to the east be handled?

Randy: The first phase of the General Plan implementation is likely to be new precise plans or zoning codes for the change areas, like El Camino. After that, I expect the council and the environmental planning commission to review the city’s 37 precise plans. This is likely to take several years. I anticipate some will be replaced by conventional zoning districts, some will need to be updated, and some are fine as they stand.

Robert: The Moffett change area is also of interest to many in Old Mountain View, given its proximity to our neighborhood. Are there any redevelopment plans currently in the pipe for this area? Many in the neighborhood would welcome a grocery store or more retail.

Randy: The only plan I’m aware of is a small retail/office building to replace the burned restaurant at the corner of Moffett and Jackson. A feasibility study for a downtown grocery store will be completed in the first quarter of this year. I’m eager to see the study.

Robert: One last question on redevelopment. Can you tell us what the current schedule is for redevelopment of the Minton site and the new Classic Communities site to the east of it? I’ve heard the Classics redevelopment will be in two stages.

Randy: The Prometheus redevelopment is underway. Soil samples are being taken now, and demolition of the structures is planned for the first quarter of this year. Classic Communities plans to begin construction of Phase I in the second quarter this year. Their Phase II will depend on the economy and the buying out of the current leases, but they anticipate starting in 2014.

Robert: Thanks for taking the time to fill us in, Randy.

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