October Letter from the Chair

by Laura Lewis

This month I have a few odds and ends to tell you about.  First, city, county and state elections are coming up on November 2nd, don’t forget to vote! See the table later in this newsletter for some key points about each candidate and links to their websites.

Second, our own OMVNA Steering Committee elections will be on December 6th.  While most positions have at least one candidate, we still are in need of a newsletter editor and newsletter volunteers.  We are scaling back the newsletter editor role next year to be more of a management position and bringing in volunteers for more of the writing and editing.  If you are interested in doing either, please contact me at chair@omvna.org.  I will be stepping down next year as sadly it looks like my husband and I will likely be moving out of OMV, but serving has been a fantastic experience!

Third, we will have a guest speaker at our next Steering Committee meeting on November 8, 7:30 PM at the Chamber of Commerce building.  Roger Burnell will discuss his plans to develop the aging property at Villa and Franklin, which includes moving the existing structure to the Cuesta Park Annex and turning it into a museum.  His plans are quite interesting and I encourage you all to attend to find out more.

Finally, Halloween is around the corner, one of my favorite holidays!  Have fun decorating and feel free to submit photos of your home to Chair@omvna.org.  We’ll post it on the website so neighbors can tour and enjoy.  Also, please watch out for all those little ghosts and goblins on October 31st!

Until next time!


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