Neighborhood Egg Crawl – Saturday April 23

Join us for our first Neighborhood Egg Crawl (It’s like Halloween with Eggs!)
Sign up to be a HUNTER, HIDER or both.


Registered HIDERS provide treat filled plastic eggs and hide them in their front yard or parking strip. (more details below)

Registered HUNTERS will receive an EGG MAP Saturday morning. Maximum of 1 egg per hunter, per location. (more details below)


Sign Up Today!

You MUST REGISTER in advance to participate in the
Neighborhood Egg Crawl!

A small fund has been established to assist a limited number of neighbors who would not be able to participate as a HIDER otherwise. Contact for complete details.

   A community event of the Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA)

Detailed Instructions for HIDERS

  • Register by April 22 @ 7pm
  • Commit to 48 (4 dozen) treat filled plastic eggs
  • Hide candy or toy filled plastic eggs Saturday morning BEFORE 10am.
  • Only hide eggs in area you allow people to walk/hunt
  • Idea for small yards – Hide some eggs and refill as needed.
  • Your address will be supplied to registered HUNTERS only
  • Sit on your porch and enjoy (maybe give HOT or COLD hints)
  • HUNTERS are allowed 1 egg per yard (May change depending on number of participants)

Detailed Instructions for HUNTERS

  • Register by April 22 @ 7pm
  • EGG MAP emailed by 10am Saturday morning.
  • Kindly respect yards and don’t trample or go in unmarked areas.
  • HUNTERS are allowed maximum of 1 egg per yard per registered hunter
  • Total number of eggs will vary depending on neighborhood participation
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