Minutes – April 17, 2023

OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting 4/17/2023

In Attendance: David Lewis, Robert Cox, Susan Bickford, Larry Rush, Jamsheed Agahi, Jamil Shaikh, Lorraine Wormald, Max Hauser, Sherril Brennan, Kristin Bailey, Maureen Blando, Li Zhang (observer),
Deborah Vasquez (Sunshine Gardens)
(1) (7:30PM) Call to order: Chair David Lewis
(2) (7:35PM) Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis – No additional items
(3) (7:38PM) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Secretary Jamsheed Agahi
• First by Susan, second by Jamil. Motioned passed unanimously.
(4) (7:40PM) Confirming the time and place of the next OMVNA Steering Committee meeting(s): Chair David Lewis
• Next meeting on July 24, on Zoom.
(5) (7:42PM) CERT update: CERT chair Sherril Brennan or representative
• Work on a grant proposal – Replacement of stolen and old and deteriorating supplies; repairs to the trailer
• Community CERT event – simulate a post-earthquake event; Plan for month of June
(6) (7:50PM) Announcement of Sunshine Gardens Sustainability Event: Deborah Vasquez from Sunshine Gardens
• Planned Earth Day event 3:00-5:00; raffle; scavenger hunt; food;
• Address: 132 W Dana St.
(7) (7:50PM) Discussion: Should we go back to in person meetings? Vice Chair Robert Cox
• The annual meeting may be in-person.
(8) (7:55PM) Finalize e-mailing lists for the OMVNA steering committee and leadership teams: Susan Bickford & David Lewis
• Who has voting rights, and for what occasions
• Proposal – expand the current Steering Committee list to also include the Sub-committee chair persons. Make the Steering Committee a sub-group of this new group. David and Susan will set this up.
(9) (8:05PM) Short neighborhood development update: Vice Chair Robert Cox
• MTC grant – Council turned down the grant.
• Housing element – Council adopted 6 to 1; if not approved by the State, subject to Builder’s
Remedy Project.

o 20% reduction in park fees; Also, the city removed minimum parking standards in 5
major areas.

(10) (8:15PM) Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair Member Reports
• Chair David Lewis – Nothing to report
• Vice Chair Robert Cox – Nothing to report
• Secretary Jamsheed Agahi – Nothing to report
• Treasurer Larry Rush – More income, not many expenses; taxes have been filed.
• Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh – Castro St. update: Live entertainment in May; Clean up of parking lots; ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) grants for small businesses; main replacement;
Signage of historical sites.
• Newsletter Susan Bickford – Updates on the content of the upcoming Newsletter.
• At Large: Lorraine Wormald & Max Hauser – Yard signs ordered;
• Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach – not present
• Max Hauser – Collaborating with Li Zhang on history of Chinese restaurants in M.V.
• Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh – Neighborhood grant ($2500) approved.
• Social: Kristin Bailey – Egg Crawl was very successful! Upcoming events: Cinco de Mayo potluck;
scavenger hunt; cool Wheels Rally; ice cream social
Meeting adjourned by the Chair David Lewis.
Secretary: Jamsheed Agahi

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