Minutes — July 25, 2022

Minutes of OMVNA Steering Committee Meeting July 25, 2022 (via Zoom and
Steering committee and subcommittee personnel: David Lewis, Robert Cox, Susan Bickford, Larry Rush, Jamil Shaikh, Lorraine Wormald, Jerry Steach, Max Hauser, Annette Nielsen, Kristin Bailey, Sherril Brennan
Community members: Maureen Blando, Kristen McGuire-Husky, Nancy Stuhr, Upma Sharma, Robert Holbrook


  • Call to order: Chair David Lewis. Meeting came to order at 7:36 PM.
  • Call for additional agenda items: Chair David Lewis
  • Kristin Bailey asked for time to introduce members of her team.
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting: Secretary Annette Nielsen
  • Robert Cox moved and Jerry Steach seconded the approval of the minutes from the April 26, 2022, meeting.
  • Confirming the time and place of Annual OMVNA meeting(s): Chair David Lewis. David reported that the school rental cost with a custodian at Landels is $140-150. The next Steering Committee will be held on September 19 (the Newsletter will be out on October 5. The Annual Meeting will be held on December 12 via Zoom.
  • CERT update: CERT Chair Sherril Brennan or representative The City opened up CERT academies in May. There will be one in October. Sign-ups are via Event Brite. Bob is disappointed at the number signing up throughout Mtn View. There will be a city-wide drill on November 5. There are 12-15 radio check-ins each month in OMV. We received $1,285 in a grant from the city to purchase lithium ion battery to store power for generator, for replenishing medical supplies, for pet supplies if pets get loose, and for traffic control items like cones and light sticks. Some things can’t go on a CERT grant. Maybe have an open house at the trailer at Fairmont Park next spring to show neighborhood what CERT is about for general awareness. Jamil asked if we can set up a simulated earth quake drill?
  • Formation of Nominating Committee for 2023 OMVNA Steering Committee Election: Vice Chair Robert Cox. Robert nominated Jerry Steach to chair the Nominating Committee. Susan Bickford will serve another year as well.
  • Update on Social Committee activities: Social Committee Chair Kristin Bailey (Note: This report occurred earlier in the meeting so that the committee members could be introduced.) Kristin’s team has 8-10 people.
  • Kristen McGuire will head block parties. Upma Sharma is a new member, who is a professional photographer from Seattle with two boys. Susan Bickford serves as historical reference and resource. Lorraine Wormald is a reference resource. Max Hauser is not on the committee but will give help to the mixer coordinator. Maybe a mixer in the fall. Kristin reported on two events: chalk party and the pot luck which was attended by over 50 people and which had good food. Kristin reported that they have not spent much money, but have updated materials like block closure signs.
  • Potential OMVNA City Council Candidate Forum: Vice Chair Robert Cox.
  • There are three incumbents running for re-election. We will know by August 12 if there are challengers: so far two have drawn papers (one only here for six months). Susan and David will run a Zoom meeting to introduce the candidates.
  • Announce Central Neighborhoods R3 Workshop (August 9, 7-9 PM on
  • Zoom): Vice Chair Robert Cox. [Robert presented a slide show which
  • Kristin will put on web site.] Older apartment complexes will be replaced by newer high-density luxury apartment complexes with below-market-rate units. Council will vote on R3 rezoning in 2023. Council will hold workshops in each neighborhood in the city and issue revised neighborhood maps and concepts from staff.
  • Castro Commons Update: Vice Chair Robert Cox. The project is at a standstill. City not interested in selling Hope Street so no deal. GPR is being very evasive about answering questions. Max asked a question regarding a personal email outreach from GPR—does Robert think their approach is awkward and not aware of MV procedures? Robert said that Bill Maston, the architect, is familiar and that it is unusual that they were having outreach meetings before their precise plan was submitted. Every other developer has been forthright in answering to questions, but not this one. David said that Palo Alto has developers trying to push things through. Lorrie asked why does the city say the developer can’t circulate plan for Hope Street? It’s because the sale hasn’t been approved by city staff. The Traffic Study was paid for by the developer, and everything is fine. Nancy Stuhr commented that the pages of the Castro Commons web site and GPR company web site don’t match. David said they have been evasive. Nancy pointed out that the literature seems to reflect that they are working around developing the park. Robert Holbrook questioned whether the traffic study was using the true peak hour in the study—it needs to consider time of day. Robert Holbrook brought up the checks that the City has on this—not sell park, not sell Hope, and the precise plans. Robert Cox explained that the precise plans for Downtown and ECR list 4 and 3 stories with a bump up of 1 story. Greystar across the street is doing 4 stories, so why does GPR need to get 7?
  • Kick-off planning for OMVNA Annual Ice Cream Social: Social Committee Chair Kristin Bailey. Ice Cream Social will be held August 21. They are looking for a live band. There will be no porta potty—price is up and it wasn’t really used. The committee lowered the price of the ice cream after a debate ($1 each)—we do get city money but it won’t be enough to pay for the ice cream. The ice cream vendor will be John McCalister’s Baskin Robbins. The ice cream social will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, the Newsletter, and signage. Kristin has requested the fire truck.

Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair/Member Reports:

  • (a) Chair David Lewis: David said that providing electronic payments for donations at the ice cream social not worth it because only five people asked to pay electronically. David is also working on getting rid of conflict of interest rule. Council members are prevented from participating/voting when there’s a conflict of interest, yet they can get money from a developer.
  • (b) Vice Chair Robert Cox: The City responded to the question Robert asked on behalf of the subcommittee which met to discuss possible uses for OMVNA money to pay for signage, etc. The City is backlogged right now and can’t consider any such projects.
  • (c) Secretary Annette Nielsen—none
  • (d) Treasurer Larry Rush: We have received all our city grants. Permits are needed for use of the city parks for the chalk events. Expenses reflect this. [Kristin requested that the treasurer’s report identify this expenditure—chalk spring, chalk summer, etc,]
  • (e) Downtown Committee: Jamil Shaikh. There will be a short August meeting. There are two new members: the Monte Carlo owner and Don Lange [spelling?].
  • (f) Newsletter: Susan Bickford. Susan reported on responses to newsletter survey. She shared the articles for the upcoming issue: Max’s restaurant news, the ice cream social; the survey results, the Nijiya Market, the new Mountain View park on Calderon, the Berlin Wall segment at the library, RV fires, the 1906 sidewalks and trees in Old MV (process on how they came to be), Jerry’s downtown update on old buildings and new businesses, never-ending Covid, Kristin’s social event summary, Robert’s Castro Commons, and ads.
  • (g) At Large: Lorraine Wormald and Max Hauser. Lorraine discussed newsletter distribution for summer coverage. Max visits most restaurant sites every quarter. There are a dozen new places open or opening. There is more new restaurant activity—City Council said MV restaurants doing better business then pre-Covid.
  • (h) Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach—none
  • (i) Parking: Robert Cox & Jamil Shaikh—none
  • (1) Adjournment: Chair David Lewis. Meeting adjourned at 9:19 PM.
  • Respectfully submitted by Annette Nielsen, OMVNA Secretary
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