Letter from the Chair

by Laura Lewis

It took 600+ scoops of ice cream, 400  water toss balloons, 200+ balloon animals, 150 pinwheels, 200 tattoos, 12 potato sacks, two fire trucks, one tug of war rope, a PitchBlast machine (with 200+ HUGE water balloons) and some AWESOME volunteers to pull off one incredible afternoon of fun at the annual ice cream social.

We raised over $400 for the Neighborhood Association with our Chez TJ raffle, won by Aaron Jabbari, and gave neighbors a chance to try out OMVs very own cereal, Crunchfuls, thanks to founder Deepa Shenoy.  We learned the latest news about the Stevens Creek Trail from Aaron Grossman and the Friends of the Stevens Creek Trail and were entertained by local piano students and our very own postman by day/Elvis impersonator by night, Charles Dupree.   It was great to see so many from the neighborhood in attendance as well as some self-proclaimed “party-crashers” that came to our event in lieu of their own because “Old Mountain View knows how to throw a party.”

Perhaps the highlight of the event was the PitchBlast Machine where those who dared could toss balls at a target in an attempt to drop a water balloon on our celebrity guests’ heads.

Our dunkees included past Steering Committee member Ken Rosenberg, City Council Members Laura Macias, John Inks, Margaret Abe-Koga; City Council candidates Aaron Jabbari and Greg David; and Nathan Tuttle, President of Prometheus.  Even OMVNA Vice Chair Kim Copher, At-Large Jack Perkins  and I got in on the action, all soaked on every pitch by a young boy who clearly should be playing for the SF Giants.

As it turned out being dunked was almost as much fun as dunking so many of you ultimately ended up joining the “drowned rats” club.  If you haven’t checked out the pictures yet on www.omvna.org I suggest you do so, they are almost as entertaining as being there in person!  Again, a big thank you to everyone who helped on this event. It was amazing!

Now as Fall approaches we have some more serious business on the horizon.  On October 4 we will have our City Council Candidates Forum just in time for the arrival of absentee ballots in the mail.  The same night we will also finally be voting on a large number of proposed by-law amendments.  We will then be having our own Steering Committee elections at the end of October.  See the article on the Nominating Committee in this article for more information if you are interested in participating on the Steering Committee.

Until next month!


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