Letter from the Chair

by David Lewis

The new OMVNA Steering Committee members are:

David Lewis, Chair
Robert Cox, Vice-Chair
Jack Perkins, Secretary
Manny Ramirez, Treasurer
Carter Coleman, Community Liaison
Aaron Grossman, CERT
Carol Lewis, Acting Newsletter Editor
Deb Keller, At-Large
Glenda Crespo, At-Large

There are e-mail links on the OMVNA website for these officers.  Robert Cox and Carter Coleman are also helping with the newsletter duties, as our Editor is new at the job.  We have planned on reducing the scale of the newsletter, unless events dictate otherwise, with fewer scheduled Steering Committee meetings, again unless community affairs require.  Please let us know if residents feel the urge for more material in the newsletter or any urgent matters that would require special meetings of the Steering Committee or the general membership.


We hope more of you get a chance to read and use OMVNATalk; this system is always up and available, and will provide you with the latest on OMVNA news and the concerns of the OMVNA community.  The posting guidelines are very modest though we do urge you to be brief and keep your postings to matters relevant to OMVNA.  We have been trying to keep the moderating delays to less than a day, hopefully an hour or two.

New Year’s Eve Walkabout

This event was a great success with lots of folks getting around to visit with their neighbors, and we may try to do this this year on a larger scale or during a time of year when the weather is nicer.  Let us know if you have any suggestions about this or other community events we might sponsor during the coming year.

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