Heads Up!

by Julie Lovins

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Golden Rule lately, and its application (or not) to political races. But closer to home, it’s very clear that it is really important for one’s personal safety and the safety of one’s home and property.

If you see anything weird going on in the neighborhood, please do report it, immediately, to the police. Everyone knows “911”, but make sure that their “non-emergency” number, 650-903-6395, is also in your mind and on your cell phone. Also, a lot of reports (on non-current incidents) can be filed online, without calling or visiting the police. Please see www.mvpd.gov to do this and for additional helpful information.

The reason for reporting things that are “only a little weird” is that if there are a number of these, and they are collected and the big picture is analyzed (by the police), the chances of a serious investigation become much better, and everyone benefits.

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