Earthquake Checklist

Water is The Most important item!
– Store 1 gallon/person/day.
– Water filters or purification tablets are useful.
– Your hot water heater has useful water, as do toilet tanks.
– Store at least 3 meals/person/day for three days (72 hours).
–  Canned, dry, powdered, or dehydrated foods (do not need refrigeration).
–  High energy foods are peanut butter, jelly, nuts, and energy bars.
–  Camping stoves and portableequipment are very useful but never use indoors.
–  Disposable items save water.
–  Don’t forget your pets.
Toilet & hygiene
–  No flush if no running water! Don’t waste good water on this.
–  Use trash bags or a camping portable toilet.
–  Toilet paper & towels, hand disinfectant, personal hygiene products.
Warm Clothing & Bedding
–  Be prepared for any season.
–  Bedding or sleeping bags keep you warm at night if no gas or electricity.
Medication & First Aid
–  First Aid kit, bandages, book.
–  Any important medications
–  If refrigeration needed, get a battery operated camping cooler for a car.
–  Infant care, pet care, etc.
–  Flashlight, portable radio.
–  Broom, gloves, hammer, etc.
–  Duck tape, rope, plastic sheeting.
Car or Office Kit:
–  Water, energy bars.
–  First aid kit, space blanket, whistle, money.
–  Walking shoes, rain poncho/jacket,  gloves.
–  Flashlight, duck tape, tools, etc.
–  Keep copies in a place safe from fire and water damage.
–  Family, financial, legal, or key household information—you might be able to store these on a USB key.

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