Doggy Etiquette

by Jack Perkins

It was a cold, crisp morning, gloves would have been nice. Cold except for the warm squishiness of the plastic bag as you coddle fresh poo in your cold hand.

Part of you wants to cup both hands around it and warm the fingers.

Every dog has potential to be a lot of trouble. I have to keep reminding myself my dog is not universally loved.

Poo is one of the biggest detractors of the canine pet and even the hawkeyed prowess of the best bag carriers around miss a poo or two. One stray poo is like an advertisement against dogs. Nobody likes it; everybody knows where it came from.

There are other detractors and a new urban dog-owning discipline has arisen to counter negative dogativity.

Dog-Personship Credo:
I always carry a plethora of plastic bags when out with my dog.
I always clean up after my dog and occasionally your dog.
I always let other dog owners know when their dog is doing its dainty if they aren’t paying attention, and
I always offer a bag.
When out with my dog I may clean up a misplaced dog poo if I see it, even if it is not from my dog.
I always help other dog owners find their dog’s droppings if they are having a tough time hunting them down.

Poodle squatting low
Plastic bag warming my hand
Winter warms to spring

Jack Perkins is OMVNA At Large #1 (whatever that is), but his opinions on dog poo are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the neighborhood.

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