Development Update

by Robert Cox, Vice Chair, OMVNA

Classics residential development is back on track
The Mountain View City Council, in a 7-0 vote, reaffirmed their support for the residential zoning of the Evelyn Ave. Corridor. Classic Communities, which had won approval for their residential redevelopment plan for the area east of the former Minton Lumber site in November 2010, had proposed abandoning that plan so that they could develop three 5-story office buildings on the site. At the gatekeeper meeting for this proposal, a group of twenty Old Mountain View residents spoke passionately on behalf of retaining the area’s residential zoning. They were joined by residents of the Monta Loma, Farley, Shoreline West, and Wagon Wheel neighborhoods, who spoke about the importance of honoring the city’s commitment to its upcoming general plan. Classic Communities Vice President Scott Ward later confirmed that Classics would begin demolition of the old buildings on the site in September, and follow with the first phase of the redevelopment project. The two phases of the project, when complete, would add 20 new townhomes on Evelyn Ave. and 45 small lot single family homes to the area.

Classics to redevelop Fortes property
Classic Communities has signed an agreement with Fortes Auto Body, 365 Villa St., to purchase and redeveloptheir two parcels as residential housing. Classic Communities envisions a new private street between the two parcels, parallel to Houghton St. Single family homes similar to those on Houghton St. will be developed on the west side of the street. The private street will not go through to West Dana St., as there are already homes on this part of West Dana. All of this is tentative, as no plan has been formally proposed to Council. Construction is at least one year away.

Cohousing Community Council Hearing on September 27
The final hearing for approval of the plans of the Mountain View Cohousing Community to redevelop the former Anne Bakotich residence at 445 Calderon Ave. will be held on Tuesday, September 27. The original residence will be moved to the front of the property and serve as a guest house. Two main residential buildings, with 19 units total, will be constructed on the balance of the property. All parking will be underground, allowing for above-ground construction of a common house, organic garden and orchard.
Six of these units are still up for sale. The available units range from 1360 to 1980 square feet and are priced from $750,000 to $1,250,000. Social events are held every 6-8 weeks to give prospective buyers an opportunity to meet the other community residents. For more information, visit the cohousing community’s web site or e-mail

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