City Seeks Residents’ Input to Pedestrian Master Plan

By Lauren Angelo

The City seeking input to its new Pedestrian Master Plan to enhance walkability throughout the city.  The deadline for public feedback is December 15.

Residents can request changes, such as sidewalk repairs and crosswalk markings, or anything else that would improve the pedestrian experience.

The City is using a couple of tools to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.  You can provide feedback either by marking up City-provided maps, available online and in City Hall, or by editing an interactive Google Map online. The interactive map is worth checking out — to read and contribute suggestions and because it’s, well, really cool.

I encourage downtown residents to share your comments on our neighborhood.  There are only a few comments within Old Mountain View, and walkability is one of the main reasons many of us live in downtown.
Links to both maps are at:

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