Call for articles – OMVNA Newsletter, October issue

We are thrilled to announce that we will have a PAPER newsletter for
October 2020, delivered to most our residents, door-to-door.

Since this is an election year issue, the middle 4 pages will be
dedicated to candidate statements.

The on-line version will be in color.

Please send your plans for articles. We have had a wonderful
explosion of contributors lately. Let’s continue the trend of having
many articles by neighbors.

Because we will be on paper, we have tighter length constraints. Please
plan on no more than 300-ish words (one column) and let me know in
advance if you think you will need more.

Very short articles are always welcome. And I will try to include as
many images of the neighborhood as possible.

Due Date: September 22. But please let me know earlier so we can plan for
your contribution!

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