Will You Be Ready Enough When “The Big One” Hits?

Fact: there is a 67% likelihood of an earthquake measuring 6.7 or more within 30 years, according to the USGS. When the Big One comes we need to be ready to survive without outside services up to 3 days.  Will you bitterly regret not being prepared as you scrounge around for supplies to keep [...]

What to Put in Your Earthquake Supply Kit

By Aaron Grossman

Caution: do not use flames inside.  Cook outside. Use flashlights, not candles. Water

This is the single most important item!  You should have one gallon per person per day. 1-gallon jugs are best – easily stored, carried, and replaced. Water filters or purification tablets are useful. Your hot water heater [...]

What Happens if the Water Stops?

by Aaron Grossman

The most important goal of CERT (Community Emergency Respose Team) here in Old Mountain View is to get people to prepare in advance for a regional disaster. While it could be from terrorism or an industrial accident, the most likely scenario is a major earthquake, and we’re due for one soon.