Critter Column: Robins

by Jack Perkins

Robins are the proverbial “early bird”. The Robin has to get up early to catch the worm.  The worms in our lawns only come out at night. Ever notice them on the sidewalk while you’re out for an early morning walk?  By then they are headed somewhere moist where they can [...]

Critter Column: Skippers

by Jack Perkins

Skippers are very common, orange and tawny colored, inch long butterfly-like creatures. They are not true butterflies but lie somewhere between butterfly and moth; mostly leaning towards butterfly.

There are over 3500 species world-wide and are doing quite well. You will always see Skippers in our neighborhood; they are so common [...]

Critter Column: Big Bird

by Jack Perkins

The Great Blue Heron (or in birdwatcher fieldspeak, GBH), frequents our neighborhood.  This bird stands perfectly still and is nearly five feet tall with a wingspan of six feet.

To their prey Great Blue Herons are the embodiment of stealth.  They stand motionless until wham! Their long, slender pointy beaks grab [...]

Critter Column: Relaxation Techniques

by Jack Perkins

The Silicon Valley needs a name change: Stress Valley is more like it.

The stress of raising young kids, of our jobs, and of financial pressure, all strains our ability to stay in control.

Getting away to relax, really relax, means driving long distances. But then, after relaxing, we must drive [...]

Critter Column: Two Bees

by Jack Perkins

In early spring the predominant bee in my garden is the bumble bee queen, newly emerged from her winter sleep. Mostly black with a fuzzy abdomen and two yellow circles, she is pretty to watch.  Starting a new nest (a hole in the ground or under a flat board or stone) [...]

Critter Column: Marsupials

by Jack Perkins

I’ve never thought much about pouched-mammals (Marsupials) until one lumbered into our family room last week.  It was late, and while we were sitting numbed and trance-like in front of the TV, a small furry critter entered stage left and moved to center stage right below the BBC production of Sense [...]