Neighborhood Meeting Jan 25th

To all Old Mountain View residents and property owners,

The Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) will hold its first “regular” steering committee meeting of 2021 on Monday, January 25, 2021, 7:30PM.

All Old Mountain View residents and property owners are invited to attend.

In addition to our regular items, we will have:

(1)          An update on COVID-19 readiness from our Santa Clara County COVID-19 ambassador, David Lewis.

(2)          An update of the current state of our city grant and discussion of how we can apply the funds and by when the money must be spent.

Please send me additional agenda items at by Friday, January 22, at 5:00PM

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will NOT be meeting at our regular location. We will instead hold a zoom meeting.

To attend the meeting, you should register through Zoom. Click on the button above.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Many thanks to Newsletter Editor Susan Bickford, for setting this up!

All Old Mountain View residents and property owners who are 16 and older are invited attend.

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Free Personal Ads in February Online Newsletter

Maintaining our tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the yearly February edition of the OMVNA newsletter, we want to encourage people to submit personals (particularly of an affectionate / romantic nature) for the issue.

About 30-ish words. We will sprinkle them here and there throughout the issue.

Due date: January 20.

There will be no charge for these.

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The New, Improved Coronavirus

The New, Improved Novel Coronavirus–SAR-CoV-2-v2 or Covid-19 B.1.1.7

24 December 2020

We have news from Great Britain, South Africa and a few other places that we have a new and improved version of the Covid-19 virus.  This one has a large number of mutations (8) to the RNA coding for the spike proteins (the pretty red appendages in the virus schematic sketch attached) that make the virus significantly more infectious–the new improved spikes latch onto human cells more effectively. Imagine a very fancy lock where the key and the lock are three-dimensional in shape, the mating of the key to the lock requires not only the right shape, but the right chemistry at distinct points–this is what the virus is working on when it evolves to make a better fit to the ACE2 receptors on human cells (used in controlling blood pressure), so it can latch on and infect the cell.  The numbers from Great Britain suggest the mutated virus may be as much as 75% more infectious, though apparently not any more lethal.

The real threat from this new virus, that is surely already present in the U.S. (or we could have developed our own version independently) is a much faster rise in infections, before we can get a significant percentage of our population vaccinated.  This will then lead to a rapid rise in the number of severe cases requiring hospitalization, the number of cases requiring treatment in ICU’s, and logically, a later rapid rise in the number of deaths.  This is not a good time for this development, as available ICU capacity across the U.S., and in California is nearly zero.  As of today, 24 Dec 2020, Santa Clara County is at 94% of ICU capacity, with only 18 beds available.  The rest of California is worse off.  The best thing we can do right now is to minimize the spread of Covid-19 by preventive measures and responsible behavior, until we get a lot of us vaccinated.  The good news is that scientists expect that existing vaccines will be effective against this new version, and the folks who developed the Pfizer vaccine–a Turkish immigrant couple who founded the German company, Biontech, have promised they could produce a new vaccine, if necessary, in only 6 weeks.

Dave Lewis, Santa Clara County Covid-19 Community Ambassador

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Santa Clara County Covid-19 Neighborhood Ambassador

 To our Residents,

I’ve very recently been through a long training session with the Santa Clara County health staff on Covid-19, so I can act as an ambassador to the community on issues related to Covid-19, provide information about Covid-19 matters and sources of information and contacts, and combat disinformation about the disease and its treatments. I will have periodic additional training from the County to keep me current with the situation.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Covid-19 and our response to it, or you can post queries on OMVNATalk2 or NextDoorOMV which I monitor and I will try to respond.

I will also post further updates from the County and State and other interesting information about our pandemic and measures to bring it to an end, as they become available or appear in the media.

David Lewis, Chair, OMVNA, Santa Clara County Neighborhood Ambassador

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Minutes — Dec. 14, 2020

Minutes of OMVNA Steering Committee meeting, Monday, December 14, 2020, 7:30PM, convened electronically (via Zoom, recorded).

Note:  This was the annual “General” meeting, occupied mainly with election of next year’s Steering Committee and some annual summaries, rather than new Steering-Committee business.  Item numbers below (as usual) show actual meeting topic sequence, adjusted from the advance agenda.  

Present:  Some 23 community members including regular SC and subcommittee members (Aaron Grossman representing CERT).

(1) Call to Order: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting came to order 7:45PM.   

(2) Call for Additional Agenda Items: Chair David Lewis.  No additions.

(3) Approval of minutes from last meeting: Chair David Lewis and Secretary Max Hauser.  Moved (Cox), 2nded (Shaikh), passed.

(4) Confirming next OMVNA meeting(s): Chair David Lewis.  As decided last time, next regular SC meeting date to be Monday Jan. 25, 7:30PM, online; first 2021 Newsletter coming out Weds Feb. 3 (this issue tentatively online-only).

(5) Introduction to OMVNA Leadership Team and 2021 candidates: Chair David Lewis.  There were no floor nominations.  Nominating committee recommended election of the following candidates for SC and subcommittee posts:

Chair:                   David Lewis

Vice-Chair:              Robert Cox

Secretary:               Samantha Blewis

Treasurer:               Larry Rush

Newsletter Editor:       Susan Bickford

Community Liaison:       Jamil Shaikh

At-Large:                Larry Rosenberg, Lorraine Wormald

CERT:                    Sherril Brennan

Historical preservation: Jerry Steach

Parking:                 Robert Cox, Jamil Shaikh

(6) Election of OMVNA Leadership Team for 2021: Chair David Lewis.  The nominating committee’s slate was accepted by acclamation with no dissentions from meeting participants.

(7) Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Larry Rush.  Balance 24047.03; forecasts for 2021 are in the written report sent by email.

(8) OMVNA Year-In-Review: Chair David Lewis.

(9) OMVNA development issues for 2021: Vice Chair Robert Cox.  With graphics presentation.

(10) Parking Update: Parking Subcommittee Chairs: Robert Cox and Jamil Shaikh.

(11) Downtown Committee Update: Community Liaison Jamil Shaikh.  The city’s Downtown Committee (DTC) now meets by Zoom at 9AM on its monthly meeting dates; last meeting was in December, none planned for January, next to be Tues Feb 2.

(12) Historic Preservation Update: Historic Preservation Subcommittee Chair Jerry Steach.  Praised efforts of Leadership Mountain View (LMV) toward preserving the Tied House and Chez-TJ properties.

(13) Web Site and Social Media Update and Call for Web Master/Mistress: Newsletter Advertising Chief Kristin Bailey.  Website needs content contributions/contributors.  Will follow up with brief online training meeting for interested SC members.

(14) Newsletter and OMVNAtalk Update: Newsletter Editor Susan Bickford.  Newletter had two electronic and two paper editions in 2020.  Grateful thanks to Kristin Bailey for completing Fall newsletter.

(15) Adjournment: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting adjourned 9:20PM.

— Max Hauser, OMVNA Secretary 2016-2020.

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