OMVNA Election Results

By Bruce Karney

The turnout for the Dec. 3 OMVNA Steering Committee election exceeded all prior election meetings.  Four candidates were elected by voice vote to uncontested positions: Kim Copher (Vice Chair), David Lewis III (Community Liaison), Becky Reyna (At Large #1) and Jack Perkins (At Large #2).  Aaron Grossman was also elected to the uncontested, non-Steering Committee position of CERT Subcommittee Chair.

232 ballots were cast for four contested positions.  The ballots were counted by Wouter Suverkropp, the Chair of the Monta Loma Neighborhood Association, with two neighborhood residents acting as observers.  Vote counting took nearly an hour and a half.

Laura Lewis was elected Chair over Hugh Donagher by 147 votes to 84.
Robert Cox was elected Secretary, receiving 144 votes to 84 cast for Joan Karlin.
Carter Coleman out-polled Aaron Grossman for Treasurer by 127 to 101.
Deb Keller was elected Newsletter Editor over Mattie Scott by a tally of 109 votes to 95.

The new officers’ terms will commence on January 1.

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