Old MTV Eventors

The Old MTV Eventors is a newly formed social committee in 2022 within OMVNA who design and run neighborhood events to promote community connections.

There are many volunteer opportunities to make the events successful and fun, all while keeping it low stress and a commitment level within team members bandwidth.

Join the Old MTV Eventors! Become part of the organization team or send event suggestions.


Quarterly meetings in person (it is a social committee after all). Next meeting Nov 3, 2022. Join Old MTV Eventors to attend.

Meet fellow Old MTV Eventors, review the past events, plan events for the coming quarter and brainstorm what other community building things can be done.


There are many opportunities to help plan and execute fun community events. Some opportunities are asynchronous and some require being present at event. The goal is to have two people for each opportunity — for back up and knowledge base.

Choose something in your wheelhouse or go outside your comfort zone and learn to do something new. Some events are all hands-on — help where help is needed.

Event CoordinatorLead (or co-lead) a specific event. Oversee event as a whole and keep ducks in a row. Might also focus on a particular part of event.
Entertainment WranglerResearch, recruit, reserve, and host (and potentially feed) entertainment & activities for a specific event. Entertainment & Activities can be anything that works: musicians, fire department, ballon twisters, magicians, quidditch players, yard games, etc?
Vendor WranglerResearch and manage vendors (e.g., food trucks, ice cream cart) for a specific event. Includes making sure they confirm participation and get paid and tipped if appropriate. (like ice cream servers)
Volunteer CoordinatorRecruit, communicate and wrangle. Manage database of lent tables, tents, popcorn maker, ice chests, lemonade jug and materials.
Information ManagerManage the registration, sign in. Create sign in sheet for events or distribute to block party hosts. Have hard copy, pens and clipboards at events. Also have info sheets with all the communication channels. (web, twitter, fb, omvnatalk2) . Info sheet should have check box for photo release for Newsletter, web and social media.
Number CruncherCollect receipts, manage budget, get starter $ for cash box, collect money (arrange Steering Committee to help) at events as needed. Buy and hold tickets (for ice cream social). Collect and get receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement for events and block parties.
RoadiePermits, Sound Permit, Insurance
Field JockeyField set up. Map out the event venue. Get cones, tape, chairs from the CERT Shed. Make sure electricity and water works. Know how to get the “key” for the water. Extension cords and Hoses as needed.
PromoterDistribute signs, post on web, social media, etc.
Words & PicturesDesign and prepare marketing material for print and social media. Get printed & delivered and distributed.
Girl/Guy FridayBuy supplies, help set up, help pick things up. Make lemonade :-). Help get volunteers food, ice cream tickets. Get snapshots.
Block Party GuruPromote the hood doing block parties, know how to set up a block party (permits, requirements for getting reimbursements, etc). Keep track of all the parties on a yearly basis. $50-150 depending on party size. Can not be used for alcohol. Maybe make a cool map (see sample). Work with other team members.
MixologistCalendar and arrange mixers with Castro St restaurants. Work with other team members to help make it happen.
AdvisorHistorical and neighborhood advisors who are on Steering Committee and have lived in neighborhood for many years.