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OMVNA Newsletter

October/November 2004
Volume 16, Number 8

From the Chair

CERT Update

Restaurant Review

Downtown Shopper

Reading Day 2004 Is Coming

From the Chair: California/Bryant Parking Garage Makes Progress
By Ronit Bryant

At its October 12 meeting, the City Council discussed and approved a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the new downtown parking structure proposed for the corner of California and Bryant. The structure will include some 14,000 gross square feet of retail space on the ground floor and about 405 parking spaces, some on the ground floor, but most on the other floors. Cars will enter and exit using Bryant Street and exit on Wild Cherry Lane (with a loading/unloading area for the retail space on Wild Cherry Lane). A traffic signal at the intersection of California and Bryant Street, street trees, and other landscaping will also be added.

The OMVNA Steering Committee welcomes the decision to have significant retail space on the ground floor of the parking structure. During discussions of the project, OMVNA advocated such a design to enhance the pedestrian-friendly character of our neighborhood and to support varied retail downtown (we also spoke against dedicating the entire building to parking). Additional and sizable retail space opens opportunities for new and interesting stores downtown.

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CERT Update: CERT Incident Command Drill Open to Public
By Aaron Grossman

Incident Command is how to effectively organize and respond to a situation, and our OMVNA CERT is preparing a live action Drill for Saturday morning, December 4 or January 8. This hands-on training event will help prepare us for a major emergency, such as an earthquake or terrorist attack. The event is designed for current CERT members, but all neighbors are encouraged to participate. This is a great chance to see how we’ll work together in a real emergency and will help us determine future training needs.

OMVNA wishes to thank the City of Mountain View for the grant to pay for this valuable training program. All CERT members will be contacted directly with further details. Everyone else please contact Aaron Grossman at or 408 202-28025 to be put on the event contact list.

Additionally, OMVNA CERT has now reached 39 volunteers! That’s the good news. The downside is that we have almost exhausted our CERT reserves. If you wish to help support our continued growth, your financial donations are very welcome. Checks can be made out to OMVNA, a California Public Benefit Corporation, and given to any OMVNA board member. Thanks!

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Restauran Review: Tsunami Sushi
By Velva Rowell

There are enough sushi restaurants in downtown Mountain View that when I saw Tsunami Sushi going into the former Global Village location at 209 Castro Street, I was skeptical about our need for another one. My husband and I decided to check it out one Friday evening when we had walked downtown to go out to dinner and were not feeling particularly inspired. Tsunami caught our eye, and we strolled in off the street shortly after seven.

Upon walking through the door, we were quickly greeted and seated at a table. We almost didn’t recognize the interior. The designers have abandoned the "little room" concept that Global Village used, and the result is a not-too-crowded space with a nice mix of traditional and modern elements, including a crisp flat-screen TV on one of the brick walls. The one thing I found slightly disturbing was that the flat-screen TV was silently playing "Finding Nemo" throughout the course of our meal. Other than that, the atmosphere of the restaurant was very relaxing.

We decided to start with the Small Sashimi combination ($15.00) as an appetizer. This came out as a sumptuous tray of 4-5 different types of fish garnished with pungent pickled ginger and wasabi. All of the fish was very fresh, as we anticipated, and the salmon was especially good that evening. It was buttery, smooth, and extremely fresh.

For the main course, my husband chose the Eel-don ($14.95), which is grilled eel over rice served in a bento box with a selection of vegetables. I chose the Tempura dinner ($13.95), which turned out to be six perfectly crispy, huge prawns and an assortment of golden, crisp vegetables. I especially liked the broccoli and mushrooms. Miso soup served prior to the appetizer was a light and pleasant start to the meal.

Service was somewhat uneven at times. We came in at shortly after 7 on a Friday night, and there were very few people: however the tables had almost completely filled up by the time we got our appetizer. The staff was attentive, but they appeared to be stretched too thin. It took longer than we expected to get the check, and we were not given the option of dessert even though there are desserts on the menu, including some intriguing fresh fruit sorbets that are advertised on table cards. Also, the dinner came too close to the appetizer. Especially with tempura, you don’t really want to give the dish an opportunity to get soggy. Fortunately, the tempura was beautifully done and all of it stayed crispy throughout the meal.

Overall, we enjoyed Tsunami Sushi and would probably go there again. The prices are on par with other restaurants on Castro, the seafood is very fresh and the staff is friendly. We might try some night other than Friday just to see if they are less crowded. I think that with their emphasis on Japanese foods beyond sushi, they are destined to be a valued addition to the Castro Street dining scene.

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Downtown Shopper: Holiday Shopping in Old Mountain View?
By Velva Rowell

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it the need to shop for those special holiday gifts and treats. Is it possible to do most of our holiday shopping locally? How much of it can we handle within walking distance of our homes?

Next issue, we are planning on running a list of places where Old Mountain View residents can do their holiday shopping. If you have a favorite store downtown, now is the time to speak up and tell us why you shop there. We will compile all the responses we receive into one article about holiday shopping in OMV.

If you would like to contribute to this article, please send your ideas to me via email ( or snail mail (185 Eldora Drive, Mountain View, CA 94041). I look forward to reading and sharing your suggestions.

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Reading Day 2004 Is Coming

On Saturday, November 20, the City of Mountain View Public Library is holding their Reading Day. This event will be held at the library at 585 Franklin Street from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Among the attractions are performances by the Caterpillar Puppets and P&T Puppets, firefighters reading aloud, Dizzy the Clown, and read aloud stations with English, Spanish and Chinese stories.

Books Are Fun ltd. will be selling books and gifts from 10-4 and Tony and Alba’s will sell pizza and sodas from 11-1. All sales will benefit the Mountain View Library Foundation, the sponsor of Reading Day. For more information, call 903-6897

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