Minutes — December 16, 2019

Minutes of OMVNA annual General Meeting, Monday, December 16, 2019, Assembly Room, Edith Landels School

A short summary (owing to the annual meeting’s review character, lacking Steering-Committee business actions).

Present:  23 community members including full SC and subcommittee complement.

1).   Call to Order: Chair David Lewis.  Meeting came to order 7:39PM.

2).   Call for Additional Agenda Items: Chair David Lewis.  No additional items.

3).   Confirm time and place of next regular meeting:  Chair David Lewis.  January 27.

4).   Introduction of OMVNA Leadership Team and Candidates: Chair David Lewis.

5).   Election of OMVNA Leadership Team for 2020: Chair David Lewis.  Acclamation moved/Bickford, 2nd/Hauser; passed unanimously.

6).   Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Larry Rush.  Balance $20585 shows net loss for year $2873, reflecting mainly postcard mailing ($1548) and delayed City grant ($1700).  More detail in Treasurer’s email report.

7).   OMVNA Year in Review: Chair David Lewis.

8).   Development and Parking Update: Vice Chair Robert Cox.

9).   Historic Preservation Update: Subcommittee Chair Jerry Steach.

10)   Downtown Committee Update: Community Liaison Jamil Shaikh.

11)   Newsletter and OMNVATalk Update: Newsletter Editor Susan Bickford.

12)   Ice Cream Social Review: Lorraine Wormald.  Essentially broke even, appx. $25 loss.

12a)  CERT report:  CERT chair Sherril Brennan.  First annual “CERT Social” in September; “Solar Suitcase.”

13)   Adjournment: Chair David Lewis.

— Max Hauser, OMVNA Secretary.

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