Emergency Response

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Check our map to see how close the nearest neighborhood CERT coordinator is to your house.

The OMVNA CERT is always looking for more local coordinators to join the team! Our aim is to cover the neighborhood with a network of neighbors (local coordinators) who will be able to communicate local needs to emergency officials in case of a disaster. To join the CERT team, call Aaron Grossman at 408-202-2802.


CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and OMVNA have now activated and equipped 30 members as local coordinators with basic safety gear and 2-way radios. The OMVNA CERT team also includes a radio coordinator and a medical coordinator.

These volunteers will help their neighbors prepare for any local emergencies, and then act as coordinators and communication points during such an event. They will NOT provide water, food, or shelter! That is every households responsibility, and the volunteers can assist with information.

OMVNA CERT Summer Radio Drill (August 20, 2006)

Our neighborhood CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will have its summer radio drill on Sunday August 20, starting at 10am and finishing at noon. It is open to the public and will be held at Landels School. Based on last February’s drill, teams of 3-5 members will have their own team radio channel and send their members at set times to designated nearby locations to collect and prioritize information, report back to the team coordinator, and determine proper actions. We will rotate the role of team coordinator to give more people an opportunity to practice.

The radio drill is especially for OMVNA CERT members, but is open to all neighboring residents. There is no minimum age. The only requirements are to bring a positive attitude and a working FRS or GMRS radio — any brand should work. Make sure the batteries are good! If you need help in basic operation of your radio, we will provide that at the very beginning of the drill, so come early if it is new to you. This is a great way to get radio practice before a real disaster hits and we have to respond. For more information, contact Aaron Grossman or cell # 408-202-2802.

The OMVNA CERT Workshop (November 2005)

In November of 2005, the OMVNA CERT held a workshop to discuss buying and storing emergency supplies. Some 45 neighbors shared their emergency preparedness plans and heard advice and information from Lynn Brown of the Mountain View Fire Department. Highlights of the discussion are available.

Mission Statement

To prepare for and provide to the Old Mountain View neighbor resident a broad range of immediate assistance for as much as seventy-two hours following a major earthquake or other disaster.  Such assistance includes search and rescue, damage assessment, first aid, shelter, security/comfort in time of need, coordination of resources, and communication within the neighborhood and with the City’s Office of Emergency Services.

Integral to this is to encourage each household in the neighborhood to implement a family emergency preparedness plan.  Such a plan would require that each individual or family provide as much as possible for the food, water, and shelter needs of their own families in the event of a sudden emergency.

First Aid Instructions

Excellent first aid instructions are included in every Pacific Bell Phone Book
(Chapter B near the front of the book)

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning

CERT Training Materials from the Department of Homeland Security

You can download CERT training materials from the Department of Homeland Security

Online CERT Course from the Department of Homeland Security

“Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams”, IS 317, is an on-line, independent study course that can serve as either an introduction to those wanting to join a Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) or as a refresher to current team members.

Emergency Preparedness Survey

Fill out this survey and help OMVNA to collect important information on local needs and resources. All information will be kept confidential.