Election “Fix”

Why did people get s-o-o whipped up during the OMNVA election process? (I myself had to agree with Jeff on OMVNAtalk that “THIS IS JUST A NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION!”) To those of you who missed it, consider yourself blessed.

To be sure, development issues are hot buttons, but I have a theory that we just ENJOY contentious elections. Especially with controversial presidential elections over the past few cycles, I think some in our community were looking for a “fix.”

After any kind of election—federal, state, county, city, and now neighborhood association– we always de-cry the mud-slinging. But the fact is, that’s the way it’s always been.

Our founding fathers were some of the worse offenders, taking up anonymous pen names and publishing scurrilous attacks. One such attack led to a duel in which the Vice President killed the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating mud-slinging or dueling, although the latter does have its appeal.

After the mud-slinging on OMNAtalk it thankfully migrated over to the Mountain View Voice site. Here’s my proposal: Next time we should make a separate email group called Mad_Max_Thunderdome@yahoogroups.com,where individuals like “Disgusted” and “DemocracyMyButt” battle it out with the Evil MiRNA.

Also in the interest of full disclosure, to Mike on Sierra, and his inquiry about a Stealth Cat Owners trying to control the Steering Committee.
Here’s Mike on Sierra’s posting:

I would like to know if any of the candidates are cat owners. I understand they are lobbying to turn the Bush-Mercy Park into an off-leash cat park and have already drafted a letter to city council touting full OMVNA support for rezoning.

Here are my questions for the candidates :
1) Do you own a cat? Yes. He looks kind of like a rodent. You may have seen him.

2) If so, how many? 1

3) short-hair or long-hair? (I have allergies). Short

4) Do you carry a picture of your cat with you? God no.

5) Has cat ownership ever caused you to miss an OMVNA meeting?

6) Will you cooperate with dog-owners on the Steering Committee? Depends

Mike, basically I think your fears are misplaced and I think you are being childish and churlish. From what I see from my vantage point on Loreto, the real threat is the little dogs, which are proliferating at an alarming rate.

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