Chairman’s Corner

by David Lewis III

Readers be forewarned! The newsletter may be expanding or shrinking in size and content this year. We need enough ads for the newsletter to roughly pay for itself, e.g., a four-page newsletter needs about a page of ads. If there are more ads than this, we have to go to an eight-page or twelve-page newsletter due to the way the newsletter is printed (a multiple of 4 pages), so be prepared for some longer newsletters. We also have upcoming elections for City Council, and hope to include information on the candidates’ platforms, and records, some charming photos of the candidates, and other articles of interest about the elections. That is why the OMVNA newsletter may be like an accordion this year. We owe a huge debt of thanks to our new editor, Sally Porush, for managing all this.

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Interview with Oscar Garcia, President of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

by Robert Cox and Manny Ramirez

On Friday, March 29, OMVNA treasurer Manny Ramirez and I met with Mountain View’s Chamber of Commerce President Oscar Garcia, at his office at 580 Castro Street. Mr. Garcia grew up in Mountain View, graduated from U.C. Berkeley, and worked at a number of high-tech startups before joining the Chamber as its President and CEO in January 2009. We spoke to Mr. Garcia about some of the leading issues facing business owners and residents living in our downtown Mountain View neighborhood.

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Madera Modifications Hearing

Gilli Rules to Accept Roof Access Change on Evelyn Ave Complex

By  Robert Cox

On April 25, 2012, Zoning Admiistrator Peter Gilli held a hearing on modifications to Prometheus’s Madera (Minton’s) project, now under construction at 455 West Evelyn Avenue.

Despite unanimous opposition from 40 residents who came to discuss the project, Mr. Gilli rued to accept the modifications to the roof access structures, moving the last impediment to the use of a new rooftop recreation area. This area was the subject of some controversy, because it was added after the project was approved by council, without any notification to council or the neighborhood.

During the public comment section, residents voiced concerns about the potential noise from the rooftop area, which includes speakers for music and a large-screen television. OMVNA Vice Chair Robert Cox presented a petition from 115 residents asking that the complex be built as originally designed and appealed to Prometheus Vice President Jon Moss to remove the TV and speakers from the deck as a sign of good faith toward the neighborhood.

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by Carol Lewis

May and June offer wonderful things to do in and around Mountain View with family, friends, guests. Right now it’s the start of wildflower season in the area. Russian Ridge and other open space preserves offer wonderful vistas of fauna and flora. Roaring Camp offers two great trips: an hour-long train ride through a Santa Cruz redwood forest where you can see an abundance of wildflowers, and a longer one, a trip to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and back. Both offer great scenery and a neat experience on a real steam train. Roaring Camp is located adjacent to Henry Cowell State Park, the home of a spectacular grove of huge redwoods. You can also walk along the stream in the park or in the shallow waters of the stream. There are places to swim or sit on the wide stream banks and enjoy a picnic. Children delight in wading in the foot deep waters or throwing pebbles in the clear, cool steam waters. There is also a great Italian Restaurant, The Oak Tree Ristorante, a few blocks from the entrance to the park with wonderful outdoor seating.

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Letter from the Chair

by David Lewis, OMVNA Chair

Thanks to everyone who voted in our recent elections. The new OMVNA Steering Committee members are:

David Lewis, Chair Robert Cox, Vice Chair Manny Ramirez, Treasurer Shannon Madison, Secretary Carter Coleman, Community Liaison Aaron Grossman, CERT Sally Porush, Newsletter Editor Ricardo Gonzalez, At-Large Kathleen Sullivan, At-Large

Happy New OMVNA [...]

OMVNA General Meeting & Elections

The OMVNA General Meeting and elections for the new Steering Committee was held at Landels School, 7:30 to 9:00 PM on December 12, 2011.

Congratulations to the 2012 Steering Committee:

Chair:  David Lewis Vice-Chair:  Robert Cox Secretary:  Shannon Madison Treasurer:  Manny Ramirez Newsletter Editor:  Sally Porush Community Liaison:  Carter Coleman CERT Chair:  Aaron Grossman [...]

Notes from the Chair: Year-End Review of Events

by David Lewis, Chair, OMVNA

January was the month for a new event, the brainchild of Deb Keller and Carter Coleman–OMNVA New Year’s Eve parties.  They organized it and got the use of many houses, even one with baby-sitting for our residents with kids.  Those who signed up for the event went from house to house celebrating the New Year with old neighbors and friends and meeting new ones while their children had a New Year’s party as well.

April 5 brought a mixer at Scratch.  Max Houser, Manny Ramirez, and Glenda Crespo organized the event.  Over 30 OMVNA residents came to see this new, hot, Mountain View restaurant so convenient to OMVNA.

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Notes from the Chair

by David Lewis, Chair, OMVNA

Our thanks to the local merchants who have supported OMNVA–first, on June 21st, Artisan Wine Depot owner, Christine Tran, offered OMVNA residents a mixer including a wine tasting extravaganza– ten unique regional wines to taste and compare–and a dinner of excellent Spanish paella from Chef Hector Figueroa–using an [...]

Letter from the Chair

by David Lewis

The new OMVNA Steering Committee members are:

David Lewis, Chair Robert Cox, Vice-Chair Jack Perkins, Secretary Manny Ramirez, Treasurer Carter Coleman, Community Liaison Aaron Grossman, CERT Carol Lewis, Acting Newsletter Editor Deb Keller, At-Large Glenda Crespo, At-Large

There are e-mail links on the OMVNA website for these officers.  Robert Cox and [...]

OMVNA General Meeting Minutes (Monday, Dec. 6, 2010)

OMVNA General Meeting Minutes (Monday, December 6, 2010)

(1)    Call to Order

Chair Laura Lewis called the meeting to order at 7:10PM.

(2)    Approval of minutes

At Laura Lewis’s request, Robert Cox gave an overview of the minutes from the November 2010 steering committee meeting. David Lewis made a motion to approve [...]