John Inks

In this episode of IMPACT, Robert Cox joins John at Old Mill, where they discuss his background and delve into issues like the budget and property rights. John gives us a demonstration of one of his hobbies–ballroom dancing–with a sampling of tango, swing, rhumba and two-step.


Chris Clark, Jim Neal, Magaret Capriles

In this episode of IMPACT, meet three challengers for City Council–Margaret Capriles, Jim Neal, and Chris Clark. For each candidate, Robert Cox goes into their background to help voters get to know them better, and they discuss issues including the high-speed rail and the budget.


Mike Kasperzak

In this episode of IMPACT, we visit Mountain View Mayor Mike Kasperzak at his home and Robert Cox speaks to Mike about the General Plan, transportation in Mountain View, and his favorite recipe among other topics. Meet Buster the Dog.


John McAlister

Meet John McAlister and learn his views on issues affecting Mountain View. John is running for Mountain View City Council in November 2012. This episode of IMPACT also contains questions submitted by residents, footage of the OMVNA Ice Cream Social, and a sequence where Max the Dog gives input on his most important issue.


Interview with Oscar Garcia, President of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

by Robert Cox and Manny Ramirez

On Friday, March 29, OMVNA treasurer Manny Ramirez and I met with Mountain View’s Chamber of Commerce President Oscar Garcia, at his office at 580 Castro Street. Mr. Garcia grew up in Mountain View, graduated from U.C. Berkeley, and worked at a number of high-tech startups before joining the Chamber as its President and CEO in January 2009. We spoke to Mr. Garcia about some of the leading issues facing business owners and residents living in our downtown Mountain View neighborhood.

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Hands-on Indian Cooking Classes

by Fharzana Elankumaran

I came to Mountain View for the first time back in 2009 when my husband and I were house hunting. We weren’t able to find a suitable place for us back then, but we fell in love with Old Mountain View so much that we were determined to live here sooner or later. We moved to this beautiful neighborhood a year and a half ago and I have loved living here every single day.

They say that you should do what makes you happy for a living. I love to cook. Period. I have a very strong culinary background in Bengali and South Indian cuisines. I am from Bangladesh and my husband is from South India.

While I was trying to figure out what I can do with my skills, knowledge, and passion for cooking, I started to write a cookbook. My family and friends call asking me to give them recipes or explain to them how to do certain things in the kitchen. Often, they tell me how much more illuminating it is to see a demonstration than to receive directions on paper, which led me in the direction of hosting my own cooking classes. I started my boutique cooking school ‘I Heart Curry’ (iheartcurry.com).

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A New Grocery Store in Mountain View

by Max Hauser

Many residents recall the hopeful “downtown grocery store project” a few years ago.  Acknowledging mainstream general retail as a missing element downtown, the city sought a retail tenant, possibly a grocery, for the new parking structure at the California-Bryant corner.  The strongest and ultimately successful bid however came from Long’s Drugs, now CVS.

The prospect of a general downtown grocery had wide appeal, a unifying goal in the neighborhood.  Julie Lovins organized a committee to study options, hoping to attract a small quality grocer to the Bryant site.  Even after CVS opened instead, bringing other useful services and some groceries, discussions toward a general market continued.

In October, providentially, independently, and largely unaware of that history, veteran grocery retailers Ann and Juan Origel acquired the Mountain View Market (MVM) at 340 Castro, after selecting it as the perfect location to create an “aesthetically pleasing, full-service, high quality” independent grocery, specifically tailored to community needs.  It appears that we may get our long-sought downtown grocery, custom-made.  Achieving that will require community participation, both in offering input to the owners, and of course shopping there. CLICK HERE to read more.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by Amberlin Wu

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I am forcing myself to stay in bed so I will have enough energy to get in the wheelchair and make it to my blood draw later today. I’ve just returned from the hospital a few days ago, which will make for something like 17 weeks of [...]

No Mercy Cemetery

Don’t miss the “No Mercy Cemetery” this Halloween season!

by Jean McCloskey

Inspired by a visit to Brent Ross’s now famous DC Cemetery on Bush Street, Old Mountain View resident, Dan Pitchford, began to thrill the neighborhood with his own cemetery nearly 7 years ago.

He has made the neighborhood a creepier place enjoyed by the old [...]

Train Talk

by Robert Cox

Is a station for High Speed Rail (HSR) in Mountain View still in the cards? Or is it dead?  Should Mountain View band together with more aggressive municipalities to stop HSR? When will information about noise be available?

To find out, a group of concerned neighbors approached the three City Council [...]