Vote for the ONE you want

by Greg David

Many years ago my father gave a small tidbit of wisdom in regards to city council elections. He told me that just because you can vote for up to three candidates when three seats are open, you don’t have to vote for three. Plurality-at-large voting, also known as “block voting,” is [...]

DAN Waylonis Takes Aim at the Budget

by Carter Coleman & Paul Lansky

Paul Lansky and I walked up to Council Candidate Dan Waylonis’ home in the Monta Loma neighborhood of Mountain View. A tall, lean guy greeted us at the door of his spacious home. Dan escorted us to his backyard and offered us Red Tail Ale. This was a [...]

Aaron Jabbari: A Fresh Face

by Robert Cox and Carter Coleman

I wanted to beat Carter for once, so I sprinted the last half block through a complex that looked like a much larger version of Wild Orchid, and then raced up to Aaron Jabbari’s front door and rang the doorbell.

A young man came to the door. “Is [...]

Pop Quiz: How Much Did Mountain View Grow?

by Robert Cox & Deb Keller

Pop quiz: How much did Mountain View’s population grow over the past 20 years?

Answer: We won’t know for sure until the census figures are released at the end of this year. But we do know that during the boom decade of the 1990’s our city grew by [...]

RONIT Byrant

by Carter Coleman & Jack Perkins

As Jack and I approached Mayor Ronit Bryant’s yellow house, we weren’t surprised to see her tending her front yard garden.  With one arm in a cast and the other arm swinging a well-used hoe intensely at a stubborn weed, Ronit didn’t notice our arrival.

From a safe [...]


by Hugh Donagher, III

I met City Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga—who served as Mayor last year—at Savvy Cellar on a recent Sunday afternoon to chat about her public service to the citizens of Mountain View. Margaret moved to Old Mountain View from Rex Manor in 2003. “My parents were having health issues and we needed [...]

OMVers favor the Trench

by Deb Keller

Old Mountain View residents who participated in the online survey on OMVNA.org, came down on the side of the trench, with 62% favoring that option. At grade, with Castro closed came in second at 22%, and a lone vote was cast for the elevated option. A total of 37 votes were [...]

Doggy Downside

by Jack Perkins

Dogs are wonderful. They bark all day (and all night) and the ground is their smorgasbord of unmentionable delights. When you pet them your hand feels greasy. A stranger’s dog will snout you in places you’d not let a stranger touch and they are never my type. They bother you while [...]

Medical Cannabis Dispensary:

by Brian David

Through the trials and tribulations of adolescence in the ‘80s, I must admit that I used cannabis. Fast forward to 1996. California passes the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215) to allow medicinal use of cannabis. The State Senate then followed up with SB 420 to help clarify the rules in 2002.



by Robert Cox

The city of Mountain View is in the process of rewriting its general plan, a document that informs zoning decisions and guides development in the city for the next twenty years. City leaders had the foresight to reach out to the neighborhoods across the city, and solicit their input. The visioning [...]