OMVNA Newsletter October 2010

OMVNA October 2010 Newsletter

Bylaws Proposed for April 19 Vote

All proposed amendments shown here have been proposed and seconded at a previous General Meeting.  Each proposed amendments will be voting on individually and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the April 19 General Meeting.  A full copy of the bylaws is available at www.OMVNA.org and [...]

April Mixer at Alberto’s

Learn to salsa with Pantea for just $5 a lesson! Alberto’s is generously offering residents of Old  Mountain View 11 nights of salsa lessons, culiminating in a dance party on Friday, April 9, starting with lessons at 8 p.m. Read about one OMV resident’s fear of dancing on page 4.

$5 Salsa Lessons


For Me, It Was Most Certainly the Egg that Came First

by Amberlin Wu

I was reading an article on how fresh eggs are one of the incredible super foods of our planet, containing nearly every nutrient a person needs to live on, and I started thinking about how one would get such fresh eggs. Well, it didn’t take long for the animal lover in [...]

Letter from the Editor

My Thanks to Contributors!

I have to say that I was blown away by the offers to contribute an article. A BIG THANKS to this issue’s contributors:

Aaron Grossman Alex Lew Amberlin Wu Anthony Chang Hugh Donagher, III Laura Lewis Max Hauser

Let’s keep it rolling! I’m looking for contributors for our next issue, [...]

Letter from the Chair

We are lucky to live in Old Mountain View.  It is a place where each of us, despite our differences, our busy lives, and the changing world around us, belong.  As I look to the coming year I am excited about the opportunity to build on this foundation and to find new ways to [...]

Does It Pay to Pay Attention?

by Deb Keller

Ever get one of those colored postcards from the City saying that there’s some kind of meeting open for public comment? Typically I read them, note that the meeting is at an inconvenient time for me, and throw them in the trash.

How do I know what to go to? Is [...]

ROEM Development

by Deb Keller

Currently in the planning process is the development by Santa Clara-based ROEM Corp. of 51 apartments at Evelyn and Franklin.

The site is currently a City-owned CalTrain overflow parking lot, and will be leased by ROEM, who will also design, maintain and manage the complex.

This has been a [...]

Meet the Mayor

by Deb Keller

Our new mayor, Ronit Bryant, began her climb to power as Newsletter Editor of OMVNA. Might I too aspire to be Mayor someday?

To research this, I walked down to the corner to talk to Ronit. I found out that Council members are compensated $6000 a year, and Ronit [...]

Election “Fix”

Why did people get s-o-o whipped up during the OMNVA election process? (I myself had to agree with Jeff on OMVNAtalk that “THIS IS JUST A NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION!”) To those of you who missed it, consider yourself blessed.

To be sure, development issues are hot buttons, but I have a theory that we just [...]