CERT Radio Check Moving

by Aaron Grossman

Starting March 4 the Old Mountain View CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will move its monthly radio check to the first Sunday of each month at 7:00 PM. Our volunteer team has conducted this 5 minute radio check almost every month for the past 6 years. Fifteen to twenty of the current 54 volunteer members usually participate each time. It has previously always been held on a Wednesday night at 8:00 PM, which works for many but not all of our volunteers. We hope this change will enable more volunteers to participate. It will still be on FRS/GMRS channel 7. CLICK HERE to read more.

OMNVA CERT – A Decade of Community Service

by Aaron Grossman & Carol Lewis

In 2001 OMNVA residents Twana Karney, Julie Wrobel, Tim Johnson, Donnie Foster and Aaron Grossman established Old Mountain View CERT, our own Community Emergency Response Team. It was part of a citywide effort to enable each neighborhood to prepare in advance for a disaster such as a [...]

Raffle at the Mixer

by B. Fleeman

Our OMVNA earthquake safety gas valve program had over 30 installations. Larry Pasquale, Home Safety 1st, will draw the three $300 refund winners at our June 21 mixer. You don’t have to be present to win, but come anyway and celebrate your contribution to community safety!  To make the shutoff valve [...]

CERT– 62% Chance of Showers & Earthquake

If your home had a 62% chance of a major plumbing or electrical failure by 2030, you wouldn’t wait for the failure to occur, you’d fix the problem in advance. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) disaster preparation is the same idea. With a 62% chance of a major area quake by 2030, the time to prepare is now. [...]

Automatic Earthquake Shutoff Gas Valve

Do you know how to shut off your gas line? An automatic shutoff gas valve could be a cheap investment to save your photos, cookbooks and home, when you’re not there, an automatic solution, endorsed by CERT and our fire department, that could make our neighborhood safer. [...]

Aaron’s Perfect Stocking Stuffer

by Aaron Grossman

Interested in getting one or two 2-way radios for $10 each? They are very handy for communicating when outside hiking, at a flea market, or the like.

They become absolutely essential during a disaster if regular communications systems fail. For this reason OMVNA CERT is putting together a bulk purchase of [...]

What Happens if the Water Stops?

by Aaron Grossman

The most important goal of CERT (Community Emergency Respose Team) here in Old Mountain View is to get people to prepare in advance for a regional disaster. While it could be from terrorism or an industrial accident, the most likely scenario is a major earthquake, and we’re due for one soon.


A Few Minutes With…Aaron Grossman

By Velva Rowell

This month I spoke to fellow OMVNA Steering Committee member Aaron Grossman. Aaron Grossman has served OMVNA as Treasurer since 1999 and CERT CoChair since around 2000. I was very interested in sitting down with him to talk about his experiences volunteering in this community.

Aaron and Anita Grossman first moved [...]