Be a Party House!

Be a party house on New Year’s Eve!

This year we thought it would be fun for each party house to have an appetizers theme. For example, you could have a Greek theme and have spanakopta, a British theme with British bangers (whatever they are), for a German theme you could have Dittmer’s sausages and fancy mustards. The idea is to get folks walking about the neighborhood.

We will be using the funds contributed to compensate the party houses for food (must be spent on food only). Each house should have 2 “themed” appetizers, which we’ll promote on the party map.

To keep out party crashers we will have “party badges” that each participant is required to wear.

Interested? Zap me and let me know at debra.keller[at-sign]gmail.com. Not sure? Zap me or feel free to call me at 650-968-9037 and let’s talk.  My house was a party house last year and it was loads of fun.

Not interested in being a party house, but take me back to registration to be a party goer!