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Our Purpose

The Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) was established in September, 1992, for the purpose of:

  • Encouraging community responsibility, identity and pride.
  • Collecting and disseminating information of interest to residents.
  • Providing a forum for the expression of wishes and grievances of residents.
  • Acting as a liaison between neighborhood residents and the City of Mountain View.
  • Promoting cultural, civic, social, education and recreational activities for the benefit of the residents of the Old Mountain View neighborhood.
  • Coordinating with and supporting other community organizations and activities as appropriate.


OMVNA publishes a newsletter four times a year. It is funded by local advertisers and written/edited/distributed by a network of volunteers who live in the neighborhood. We are now printing 2,400 copies per issue, reaching about 3,500 people (including the downtown businesses).

Write something! Contact the Newsletter Editor with your ideas. We also are looking for new members of the distribution team! It doesn’t take much time, it’s great exercise, and you meet the neatest people (your neighbors)… Contact the Delivery Coordinator about distribution.


You can read our by-laws here on the web. Those without web access may request a copy from the Secretary of the Steering Committee.