Wheels Party — May 25

A Neighborhood Ride with a Party Vibe.

Join us at Mercy-Bush Park
Saturday, May 25, 2024 — 3pm- 5pm

Bring your wheels
Whether it’s a bike, scooter, skates or other wheeled transportation. Remember your helmet and water bottle too!

Decorate your ride
We will have fun colorful supplies to use for decorations beginning at 3 pm.

Tour de Neighborhood
We will lead the group on a preplanned route of the neighborhood, departing at 3:45 pm. No rider left behind! Join us no matter your speed — it will be a party for all levels & ages.

Icy Treat
And return around 4-4:15 pm to have a complimentary icy treat.

Active Transportation Plan
A City of Mountain View staff member will be on hand to talk about the city’s Active Transportation Plan (ATP). The ATP aims to update and bring together the previously completed Pedestrian Master Plan and the Bicycle Transportation Plan, and will also incorporate green treatments as much as possible. Bring your questions and curiosity!

Bike Route for Tour de Neighborhood

There will be a simpler route around the block by the park for the little ones or anyone wanting something shorter.

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Nibbles with Neighbors – A Mixer – May 15th

A key Old MTV Eventor goal is to bring our community together. And this time, it’s with nibbles. 

The Eventors are bringing back Neighborhood MIXERS at local restaurants. Our first planned mixer is at Clifford’s Chicken & Fish on Calderon & Church. Wednesday, May 15th at 5:30 pm. No entry fee for this event. Nibbles are complimentary. Drinks available for purchase.

Clifford’s website says “Seafood and Fried Chicken done right! Seasoned with their signature herbs & spices.” Let’s meet and check it out!

When: Wednesday, May 15th at 5:30 pm
Where: Clifford’s Chicken & Fish – 699 Calderon Ave

This event is sponsored by OMVNA, to support local and growing restaurants in our neighborhood and promote neighbors meeting neighbors. 

For more mixers, sign up for the Old MTV EVENTS ONLY Email List, watch the newsletter and website for announcements. Visit omvna.org for more details.
Coming this summer: The Ava’s Mixer.

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May 2024 Lamppost Newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter. Hand-delivered to your doorstep over the weekend of May 4.

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A Puzzling Reason to Live in Old MV

A scavenger hunt for the ages. All ages. The second Get a Clue in Old Mountain View was held on Saturday, April 27th 2024 from 1pm-3pm. 

Sleuthers started their mysterious journey at Mercy-Bush park. Two challenges of varying difficulty were laid forth — Scooby-Doo and Sherlock. Solving 12 puzzles from their phones, neighbors took pictures around the hood of their “answers” and checked out to win a prize. 

Nearly 75 adults and 60+ kid sleuthers attended. The puzzles were no match for some, while others were left puzzled.

Did someone say prizes?

Prizes ranged from tasty spy cookies, access to the mystery box, gift cards, Old MTV gear, or a deep dive into the what seems to be an endless treasure chest. A bonus prize was a free drawing for a pre-owned video game system.

Spy cookies donated by The Compassionate Crumb, local plant based bakery.
Books Inc gift cards donated by Hula Networks, local business owner, who focus on design, install and support the network infrastructure.

No Spoilers: The prizes may have vanished, but the game is still afoot. Puzzles available online until May 10. Visit omvna.org to play.

Non-edible prizes are up-cycled new or like new items donated by neighbors or businesses. If you have a puzzle/game themed prize for next years theme, contact social@omvna.org.

Photos from the day…

Submit your pics to social@omvna.org.

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Minutes – January 22, 2024

1.  Chair David Lewis – call to order 

Abbreviation of names:

SB – Susan Bickford

KB – Kristin Bailey 

RC – Robert Cox

SN – Shivika Nayyar

CT – Carola Thompson

LW – Lorraine Wormald

MH – Max Hausner

DV – Deborah Vasquez

2.  Call for additional agenda items:  Chair David Lewis

3.  Approval of minutes from last meeting:  Former Secretary Jamsheed Agahi or Current Secretary Deborah Vasquez

4.  Confirming time and place of next OMVNA steering committee meeting:  

– Newsletter will be on May 1st

– April 29th will be next meeting on Zoom, easier and can include more members online

5.  Introduction to and voting on amendments to the bylaws:

– SB moved to accept the bylaws

– 20 voted to agree

6. Review and approve Social Committee Eventors budget:

– KB said it costs around $306.00/event for around $4,200 total, there were around 5-6 events

– Prices were for permit, supplies, and insurance for ice cream social

7.  Review and approve website budget and request for Webmaster:

– KB said new website would be super complicated and it’s on wordpress at this time, it works but not amazing

– RC said it’s very hard role to fill for webmaster, will try to post to neighborhood OMVNA talk, need someone with talent and big heart

– SN asked how many hours for the webmaster and wordpress is a bit difficult

– SB said around 10 hours per month estimation

– RC moved to approve the budget of $254.85 and it passed everyone agreed

8.  Help Ava’s Outreach and Budget Request:

– DV said 2/9 Invite Wine and Food Pairing Party at Ava’s – “A Taste of Love at Ava’s” 6-8pm

Other Ways to help?:  

– Write a heart to support Juan at his store, paste on his window to make his event attractive and increase storefront visibility

– Enter Valentine’s Day drawing basket raffle

– RC said Juan maybe has more “I love Ava’s” signs

– SN said way to support is to also use his Ava’s bags, $2.00 each and good quality

– SB said too late to include this in the upcoming newsletter, will put a byline on who to contact to help

– Will probably put the event on OMVNA talk to encourage residents to go

– SB moved to reimburse Deborah ($93.84) for Ava’s Poster, 1 abstained – reason have to do it in a more planned way.

– Will follow up in a email offline with eventors event – Kristin, Deborah and Carola can meet up

– CT said would be good to set aside $2-400 dollars to help Ava’s with signage

9.  Steering Committee/Subcommittee Chair Member Reports

a) Chair: David Lewis – 

Julie Q hair salon closed.    

b) Vice Chair: Robert Cox – 

On 25th there is a Zoom on homelessness strategy for the City of Mtn View which they take seriously.  Consider attending and giving input.  Need to register.

c) Secretary: Deborah Vasquez – 

Help Kristin with the fallen signs, adopt a sign if you can see it on a map.  It’s difficult for one person to manage all.  KB said she will send the map around and there will be a more formal sign up.  KB said please pick up if you see and let her know if they are damaged or ripped.    

d) Treasurer: Carola Thompson – 

New bank account, debit card arrived.  Sent a check for insurance for Ice Cream social with a replacement check.  Currently looking at Venmo and opportunities for earning interest.  

SB – Venmo is not a great platform because it is also a social platform.  However, use more for the convenience factor.

SN – Zelle gets interest and can go direct into bank account

CT – Zelle may have security concerns, but will look more into it

 Jamil – put stop note on previous insurance check if audited

CT – That account for that check is closed so no worries

CT – Closing balance for this month is $24,005.23

e) Downtown Committee Jamil Shaikh

2/6 8am in person meeting

f) Newsletter Susan Bickford

– Young people being involved in the newsletter, great to see!  Many more articles are being written.

– Will send a note about the Valentine’s section to everyone

– Spanish translation would be good idea

g) At large Lorrain Wormald and Max Hausner

– LW Short 6-8 carriers for newsletter delivery

– MH Propose Move off Network Solutions, save $70.00 will discuss with Treasurer

h) Historic Preservation: Jerry Steach

1-300 block of Castro St – read about it in the newsletter

i) Parking – Robert Cox and Jamil Shaikh

Parking issues – only 3 people on the parking team.  Put in OMVNA talk to encourage more people to join.  

j) Social – Kristin Bailey

Plan all events going forward

– take into account school and city events for timing of events

– announce events in next newsletter

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